The Singur Land Rehabilitation and Development Bill 2011 – What it says

As promised by Smt. Mamata Banerjee before the election, The Singur Land Rehabilitation and Development Bill submitted and passed on State Assembly today within just one month of her new and first government. Now West Bengal government lawfully takes back the possession of the controversial 997.11 acre land in Singur.
History of Singur land: This land were acquired by the by past Left Front government in 2008 and given to the Tata Motors and its vendors for building an automobile plant. But after unimaginable protest from local farmers, opposition party TMC and 26 days hunger strike of current chief minister Mamata Banerjee Tata Motors finally withdrawal their project from Singur and moved to Gujrat.
Road blockage on NH2 during Mamata's hunger strike at Singur

Highlights of The Singur Land Rehabilitation and Development bill 2011

  • 100% of the acquired land is now under possession of West Bengal Government. This includes all assets, rights, leaseholds and any kind of movable or immovable properties on the said land.
  • The same amount of land will be returned to the Unwilling farmers(who refused to take money during the acquisition in 2008)
  • Tata Motors and its vendors who were given the lease of the Land, have to hand over their authority in favor of the Hooghly District Magistrate. Otherwise District Magistrate shall use its force to take the land back.
  • What ever premium were paid by the vendors to state government will be returned once they surrender their land to the government.
  • Tata Motors and Vendors will be given compensation as adjudged by the district judge of Hooghly.
  • They will be given 6% interest during the period of their submission of the request of compensation and till it is fulfilled.
  • The sate government shall also pay compensation to the West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation as they acquired the land on behalf of of the state government and paid Rs 137 crore to the land owners
  • The rest of the land shall be utilized in public interest.

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