Population, Density, Sex Ratio and Litaracy in West Bengal as per Census 2011

West Bengal the 4th most populated State in India according to census 2011 holds a total of 9,13,47,736 people. 7.55% of country’s population lives in West Bengal. West Bengal has a 13.93% growth rate and an absolute gain of 1,11,71,539 persons during the last decade.

4,69,27,389 (51.37%) of total population are Male and 4,44,20,347 (48.63%) are Female. West Bengal has a density of 1029 person/square km.
There are 947 women per 1000 Men in Bengal. Literacy rate in Bengal is 77.08%. 82.67% males in Bengal are literate and 71.16% Women are literate in the state. 1,01,12,599 (11.07%) population is under 6 years of age. West Bengal has a child (0-6 years) sex ratio of 949.5 girls per 1000 boys.

Population, Density, Sex Ratio and Literacy in West Bengal as per Census 2011

PopulationLiteracyPercentDensitySex Ratio
Male4,69,27,3893,45,08,15982.67%5291056 Men per 1000 Women
Female4,44,20,3472,81,06,39771.16%500947 Women per 1000 Men

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