Paintings by Mamata Banerjee sold over 2 crore rupees

Mamata Banerjee the supremo of All India Trinamool Congress AITC is now a well known painter too. Her paintings on exhibition were sold in less than a week for over 2 crore rupees. The painting that was sold for the highest amount is Banglar Maa. It is sold for 12 lakh rupees. As Mamata Banerjee said this exhibition is for raising fund for her party. After the overwhelming response from people she said that more of her paintings will come very soon for exhibition.
Mamata Banerjee in her won exhibition
“The response has been overwhelming, people from all walks of life are showing interest,” said Gallery 88 owner Supriya Banerjee where the exhibition were held.
Mamata Banerjee with paint and brush painting on a canvas
Banglar Maa (Mother of Bengal) the painting that was sold for 12 lakh rupees.
Banglar Maa painted by Mamata Banrjee
Mamata Banerjee started this painting when Sachin Tendulkar got out in cricket world cup final agains Sri Lanka, and finished this when MS Dhoni hit the final six and India won the World cup.
Green and orange flower painted by Mamata Banerjee
The paintings were highly appreciated by painters like Shuvaprasanna and Sameer Aich, dance exponent Amala Shankar and singer Dwijen Mukherjee.
Dalmia in Mamata Banerjees exhibition
Red flower painting
art work by didi Mamata
The buyers of Mamata Banerjee’s painting include industrialist Harsh Neotia, Jay Mehta, co-owner of IPL franchisee Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), and Jagmohan Dalmiya, the president of the Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB).
Green leaves painting
Beautiful white yellow red flowers with a shade of blue by mamata
Mamata Banerjee while painting
The exhibition was named 25 hours a day, and this name really tells so much about her. How she manages to do so much in day is surprising.
Painting by Mamta Banerjee
In my knowledge there is no such politician or social activist who is so much active like her. She already wrote about 10 books.
Green trees and red sky at the time of sunrise painted by Mamata
She sold 127 paintings in this exhibition and above all she is the person who alone is the biggest thread for CPIM.
bengali woman on canvas painting
canvas painted by Mamata
Signature of Mamata Baneerjee on her painting


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