Maps of Hooghly District West Bengal

Map of 18 blocks in Hooghly District

Blocks in Hooghly District

Blocks in Hooghly District

18 blocks in Hooghly district are Balagarh, Chinsurah–Mogra, Dhaniakhali, Pandua, Polba–Dadpur, Haripal, Singur, Tarakeswar, Chanditala–I, Chanditala–II, Jangipara, Sreerampur Uttarpara, Arambag, Khanakul–I, Khanakul–II, Goghat–I, Goghat–II and Pursurah. There are 12 municipalities, are: – Hugli-Chuchura, Bansberia, Bhadreswar, Champdani, Tarakeswar, Serampore, Uttarpara Kotrung, Dankuni, Konnagar, Rishra, Baidyabati and Arambag.

Local Assembly Constituency in Hooghly

18 Assembly Constituency in Hooghly are Uttarpara (185), Sreerampur (186), Champdani (187), Singur (188), Chandannagar (189), Chunchura (190), Balagarh (SC, 191), Pandua (192), Saptagram (193), Chanditala (194), Jangipara (195), Haripal (196), Dhanekhali (SC, 197), Tarakeswar (198), Pursurah (199), Arambag (SC,200), Goghat (SC, 201) and Khanakul (202).

Rainfall map of Hooghly

Maximum rainfall occurs during the monsoon months, May to September and the total average rainfall is 1,500 millimeters (55 in).

Map of land in Hooghly

The district is a completely flat land with no place having more than an elevation of 200 meters.

Railway track in Hooghly

Railway track Map

Railway track Map

The railway is under Howrah Division. The first train of ER started from Howrah to Hooghly at 14 August 1854.

Map of rivers in the district

Hooghly District River

Hooghly District River

The River Hooghly borders it to the east. Another major river is Damodar.

Roads and highways in Hooghly

Roads and highways in Hooghly

Roads and highways in Hooghly

Area of different rocks in the district

Areas divided by soil in Hooghly

Two types of soil in the Hooghly district, (1) Gangetic Alluvium soil, (2) Vindhya Alluvium soil According to 2011 census.

Map of Sub divisions in Hooghly District

Hooghly district has four subdivisions, those are – Chinsurah, Chandannagore, Srirampore and Arambagh.

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