Kalpataru Mela at Durgapur

Kalpataru means a tree that fulfills every wish. January 1, 1886 is said to be the day of Sri Ramakrishna’s self revelation day, on that day everyones wish was fulfilled by him just like a Kalpataru. After that day Kalpataru Mela started at Kasipur from 1st to 10th January each year.
There may be some relation between Durgapur and Kashipur Kalpataru mela but I cant find any. I personally asked several people about the fair at Durgapur but no one knows much about it. Anyway this is the oldest and the biggest fair at Durgapur. The fair was first started before 1960(can’t find the year).
Boi Mela(Book fair) and Krishi Mela(Agriculture fair) are other two fairs that takes places at the same area and same time. People come here from surrounding areas like Bankura, Birbhum, Burdwan, Asansole etc. You have to pay 1 rupees/person for entering in to the book fair, entry for the agriculture fair and Kalpataru fair is free.
As I noticed each year(past 4-5) you will find this two giant textile stores just next to the main entrance.
textile shop in kalpataru mela
There are hundreds more stalls for almost everything here.
bloons sold in fair
Like the bag stall
bag store in fair at durgapur
children working in fair
The Pearl Stall
pearl store at kalpataru mela durgapur
Merry go round

Achar(pickle) Stall
achar stall in fair
Food stall of course
food stall in fair
Stall for Kashmiri Chop(what to say)
kashmiri chop selling at kalpataru mela durgapur
And at last ice cold Banarasi Pan wow really great. Every body must try.
ice cold benarashi pan stall

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