Governor M.K. Narayanan asks West Bengal government to act now

“Today is a sad and shameful day the state government must act now” – West Bengal Governor M.K. Narayanan after 7 villagers killed 14 injured at Lalgarh in a firing. He added – “No democracy can tolerate such violence with human life, government must stop such incident.
In meeting with press at the evening M.K. Narayanan said – “I will talk with chief minister, we have enough information and evidence, now I want action“.
This evening he releases a press note. In the note he asked the state government to act rapidly and take proper steps to make sure such incident never happens again. He also said that this is a total failure of state government. In his press release he added violence in places like Khejuri, Nanur, Shasan, Mangalcote, Jhalda, Indus, Canin, Ketugram, Khanakul and so on.
“Political violence is a daily incident in West Bengal, there is not even a single day when no one is being killed here, and politicians are encouraging violence with their speech. Not just 7 people killed in Lalgarh, 12 other is also deeply injured. They killed women too.” – M.K. Narayanan.
Now with this speech and current situation in West Bengal there are chances that the central government may interfere in this matter, and even there may be a chance of emergency in West Bengal before the assembly election in May 2011.


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