An appeal from Mamata Banarjee for the citizen of West Bengal

This is a humble submission to the elders, youngsters, sisters’ and brothers of Bengal, on behalf of All India Trinamool Congress for a better and brighter tomorrow.
Over the last 35 years, the State has gone down in every direction. Now the time has arrived for change and time cannot wait. It is better late than never. We stand today at the cross roads of history.
The whole world is watching with great interest what the people of West Bengal will decide now. Are we going to move towards a golden age of Bengal? The alternative is to remain trapped under the oppressive, exploitative and authoritarian ‘Party-Cadre’ misrule of the Left Front and the CPI(M).
This change cannot be achieved without your support. We look forward to a people centric government and a people centric reforms agenda.
Our mission is to reconstruct Bengal with a positive attitude with creativity and empathy, always with a human face.
The following pages have two different dimensions – Part-A vividly captures the sad story of the decline of the State with irrefutable and shocking evidence. The steady decay of West Bengal under the Left Rule is pathetic – the end result of the deliberate and incompetent policies over the last three and a
half decades.
Part-B brings forth a blueprint of the regeneration and rejuvenation of Bengal that we, All India Trinamool Congress, visualize.
We propose to rebuild the industrial might of Bengal with an eye towards massive employment generation. Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) will become the fulcrum of this regeneration while medium and large’ industrial investments will join shoulders to shoulder with the small, to pull Bengal out of this terrible present impasse.
Agriculture, the life force of fertile Bengal, will be made to prosper again through manifold policy instruments engaging the farmers and never forgetting a friendly ecology.
Infrastructure, is the backbone of our plan of resurgence which has all but disappeared from the State today.
Underlying all of these is the fabric of a healthy Bengal and educated Bengal. A Bengal that is all inclusive of SC,ST,OBC, minorities, women, youth, students and anyone who is weak or disadvantaged. We have addressed these issues in the following pages.
Good and impartial governance is the bull work of any society. We would like to bring about an administrative reform, police reform and a reform of the supportive structure of government always with a human face. We will always be concerned about the wellbeing of whether it be an officer or a constable or a clerk.
I hereby, urge them to be people friendly, work friendly and transparent in their dealings with the citizens of the State. I reach out to them for their fullest support in this endeavour of change, development and growth with fairness and justice.
All India Trinamool Congress will give equal importance to the revival of the great traditions of Bengal – literature, films, theatre, poetry, music, paintings and science and technology. These were the main components of the renaissance of West Bengal at one point of history.
Our guiding lights will be the thoughts and philosophy of Rabindra Nath and Nazrul Islam. We will draw on the
powerful words and deeds of Swami Vivekananda and Ramakrishna. The work of Jagdish Chandra in the world of science and nature will always inspire us.
Keeping these in view, our government will start a Tagore Centre for Universal Values and a Vivekananda Centre for International Understanding. Nazrul Islam, a New research Centre will also be set up.
We will return to our roots to go forward to build the new future – a better and brighter tomorrow for all.
Soon, we wish to be able to say that ‘what Bengal thinks today – India thinks tomorrow’.
All of these will be achieved with the courage and resilience , we draw from Kabi Guru’s famous words– ‘Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high….’
Signature of Mamta Banarjee

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