7 villagers killed 14 injured at Lalgarh finger raised on CPIM cadres

Another shameful day in West Bengal. After Nandigram(14th July 2007) its Lalgarh in West Midnapore district, where at least 7(8 said HM P. Chidambaram) villagers killed and 18 injured in a firing. The incident occurred this morning when some villagers gathered to protest the demand of join CMP cadres to volunteer, and the demand was made from CPM supported armed cadres.
TMC has won the local Gram Panchayet election last time in Netai village at Belatikri gram panchayat in Lalgarh police station where the incident occurred. But a few months ago CPM made a operation here named “Lalgarh Abhijan” and every thing started changing.
As the villagers said “A few months ago CMP made a camp for their cadres at Netai. The camp was made in the house owned by a CPM leader Rathin Dandapath, who is currently staying outside with his family. After the camp started they(harmads) started torturing the villagers. They asked the villagers to provide them food, wash their clothes and guard them at night.” That was not enough, “Last week the cadres/harmads asked the villagers for at least one young member from each family to join their armed camp and take training from them”.
house of Rathin Dandapath attact on villagers at netai in lalgarh
So they gathered at the camp to protest, when the situation started going out of control for the cadersthey asked their extra team for help and started firing on the villagers. 3 People died at the spot, 2 died at Lalgarh hospital and 2 died at Midnapur hospital.
Nearest police station and CRPF camp is just 3.5 km. from Netai village, but no police man reached even after 4 hours of the incident. Reporters reached there in two hours but no police after 4 hrs.
People who died in the firing
Sourav Ghoray(25)
Shamanada Ghoroy(65)
Swaraswati Ghory(40)
Arup Patra(20)
Dhiren Sen(35)
Fulkumari Maiti(28)
Dhubaprasad Gouswami(45)


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