6 best Live Visitor Monitoring Tools for Webmasters

It’s good to know what is happening on your website. What visitors in your site are doing, where did they came from and where they went from your site? Google Analytics is undoubtedly the best tool available for web-masters to track what is happing in your site, but there is only one(I fell) thing that is missing in Google Analytics and that is Real Time Visitors Stats for a Website. So we need something more to do what we want. Here I have listed 6 best tools to monitor real-time live visitors in your site.

  1. Woopra

    woopra app
    Filled with lots of features Woopra really is the best application available for tracking and analyzing real time website traffics. It has many many features that will surely surprise you. If you haven’t tried it yet then try it now! It offers live visitors with all of their details like – Location, Search Term, Referrer, Landing Page, OS, Browser, Display Resolution, Exit page, Outgoing Clicks and many more.
    The free version offers you 30,000 queries/month which is good enough for small websites and trial.

  2. Whos.amung.us

    This is my favourite tool to monitor live website traffic. It provides only 2 basic information which Google Analytics doesn’t provide about your website. Those are 1. How many users are online? 2. Which pages they are on? Though it provides some more features but if you use Analytics then those are not required.
    This tool can be used to even monitor your sites downtime as it offers Minimum, Maximum and Average visitors of each hour on a site. So if you see a sudden drop in the minimum visits graph then there might had some problem on that time.
    One more thing I like about this application is you don’t even have to register to get the free version of this cool service. Just copy a little piece of Java-script and add that to your website. You have many customizations too. This is one of the most used tools to track live visitors online.

  3. Gosquared

    livestats_screenshot osquared
    Gosquared is a professional analysis tool. Though it has a free version but it supports only 10,000 page views per month. It also offers real-time live visitor details as well as past visitors. Find out what is popular on your site right now, Twitter mentions, Trends, Referrers and many more.
    Try the Demo.

  4. Piwik

    An open source real time web analytics software program. Install it on your PHP and MySQL based server and run it on your own. Piwik aims to be an open source alternative to Google Analytics, and is already used on more than 200,000 websites.
    The software is spreading very fast, it already has over 100,000 international active members in its community who are contributing to the development. It also has built in plugin features so you are free to choose what you want and what you don’t. I would say if you want to try something new then you must install and use it.

  5. W3counter

    w3 counter live dashboard
    I would recommend this to small website owners who have about 10,000 visitors per month on their site. It provides some good information about your live visitors as well as past visitors. Though is stands no where near to analytics but still can do the job for small websites. W3counter offer some widgets like live feed which displays live visitors activity on your website and some more like that.

  6. 3Dstats

    3dstats report
    3Dstats provides almost the same informations but in 3D graphs. It give nice and clear overview of your website statistics. Finding reports like Referrers, Pagevies/User, Bounce Rates, Site Search and more like these makes it quite useful. 3Dstats gives you information about your live or last few visitors just like W3counter or Whos.amung.us. It is also worth a try for newbies.

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