Need a VCC or Virtual Credit Card? The easiest way to get a VCC in India

Want to purchase something online but don’t have a credit card. You are worried about hidden fees and terms and conditions of real credit card or you don’t have the credit to hold a credit card(may be unemployed or student). So how to purchase online? Domestic(inland/within country) purchased can be done by Debit/ATM card or by net-banking, but what about international transactions?
Here I’m going to share something with you. After reading this post you too can have a credit card(its virtual though) to make any kind of(Domestic or International) online transactions. You don’t have to worry about the fees or bills, security issues like theft or misuse of your card if you have a virtual credit card.
In India banks like HDFC bank, AXIS Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank & ICICI bank offers virtual credit card but they require a minimum Rs.10,000 deposit to avail this feature. There is also a possibility of non-existing of this banks in your city. So how to get a VCC or Virtual Credit Card?
They way is to open a savings bank account with any bank that offers International ATM cum Debit card. I recommend opening a savings bank account(if you don’t have any) with IDBI bank as they offer International ATM/Debit card for free with a zero balance account. Banks like Axis or ICICI charges about Rs.250/year and SBI charges Rs.50/year for this card.

Then register your card for online transaction using their own pages. I listed numbers of websites for this in Use ATM cum Debit Card as a Credit Card Follow the steps I wrote there to get your very own Virtual Credit Card. The process won’t take more than 10 minutes to complete I promise. This process will allow you to create and destroy as many as credit cards you need without any fees. So create it, use it and destroy it.

Happy Purchasing!

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