India can host Olympic before 2025

It wont be very surprising if India gates a chance to host the Olympic games before 2025. After a long list of controversies the World has witnessed a never seen before grand opening of the CWG 2010 on 3rd October. The show has really stunned the world and it was one of the best and the biggest for such event. The effect was so huge that those players who refused to come to India for CWG now want to come and participate. Those TV channels who were so busy to cover the problems and the controversies now have no-thing bad to say about the arrangements. It proved that YES! India Can. Yes WE can. And we can do it better.

After last Olympic games, games culture in India has started changing, and now it is showing. Last time India ranked 4th in the medal tally in Melbourne CWG 2006. Hopefully this time India will rank first in the tally. London Olympic will bring some gold medals in India for sure. Now a day India is one of the fastest growing economy in the World, and if we can hold that growth for next 10 years then India will host the Olympic before 2025.

lighting and fireworks in the commonwelth opening ceremony

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