20 Biggest achievements of Sachin Tendulkar 10 to 01

In the first part I listed 10 of Sachin’s 20 biggest achievements in cricket. Sachin has achieved so many records and awards that a list of 20 is not just good enough for him. Anyway here I’m listing the rest 10 of his 20 greatest achievement he achievement in his 21 years of international cricketing life.

  1. He holds the record of scoring over 1000 ODI runs in a calendar year on seven occasions. He scored 1089 runs in 1994, 1611 in 1996, 1011 in 1997, 1894 in 1998, 1328 in 2000, 1141 in 2003 and 1425 in 2007. His 1894 with an average of 65.31 and strike rate of 102.15 in 1998 is the heighest by any batsman in the world. Sourav Ganguly 1767 in 1999 which is the second heighest.
  2. Sachin has scored over 1000 Test runs six times in a calendar year. This is most by any batsman in Test cricket. He scored 1000 runs in 1997, 1088 in 1999, 1003 in 2001, 1392 in 2002, 1063 in 2008 and 1562 in 2010. Sachin’s highest 1562 is 4th highest in the world after Md Yousuf(Pak) 1768, IVA Richards(WI) 1710, GC Smith(SA) 1656.
  3. Sachin has the record of playing the maximum number of international cricket(may be the highest in any sport) matches. He played 177 Tests, 453 ODIs and one T20. A total of 631 till date and a lot more to come. This excludes Sachin’s 56(till today) IPL matches.
    Sanath Jayasuriya is second on the list with 401 ODIs and 110 tests.
  4. Sachin is the highest run scorer in the history of Test cricket. He scored 14692 Test runs in 171 Tests and 290 innings with an average of 56.94. Sachin’s highest score is 248 not out vs Bangladesh in 2004. His next competitor is Ricky Ponting 12363 runs in 152 Tests and 259 innings with an average of 53.51.
  5. Sachin Tendulkar is the only batsman who scored over 18,000 runs in one-day cricket. Currently he is on his 18,111 runs with 154 ODI wickets. Second one the list is so far behind him that it may take a century to break Sachin’s record. Sanat Jaysuriya has scored 13,428 runs and taken 322 wickets.
  6. Sachin has won a total of 76 man of the match awards, that is highest by any cricketer in the world. This 76 includes 14 test man of the match and 62 ODI man of the match. Next to him is Sanat Jaysuriya with 48 ODI man of the match. Tendulkar also holds the record of most Man of the Series award. He won 16 man of the series awards till date.
  7. Sachin Tendulkar is the only cricketer who won Padma Vibhushan award in 2008. This is India’s second highest civilian award. Only world Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand had this award before.
    Sachin Tendulkar recieving Padma Vibhushan award from president Prativa Debi Singh Patil
  8. This is record that only person like Sachin deserves. On 24 February 2010 Sachin created history when he scored an unbeaten 200 runs against South Africa in Gwalior. He completed 200 in 226 minutes with a strike rate of 136.05. Sachin faced 147 balls and hit 25 fours and 3 sixes.
  9. The only person in this planet who has 100 centuries. In his 22 years career he made 51 centuries in 117 tests(290 innings) with an average of 56.94, and made 49 centuries in 462 ODIs(451 innings) with an average of 45.06. His next competitor is miles away from him and this also may take another century to break his record.
    Ricky Ponting has 39 test centuries and 30 one day centuries. If we compare Ponting’s current performance with Sachin than there no chance that Ponting will ever reach Sachin.
  10. This place is reserved for Sachin’s two upcoming records. First one of course his century of centuries, which he is going to get in England tour this year. And the second one is for his Bharat Ratna award. Bharat Ratna is the highest civilian honor in India and Sachin deserves it the most.

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