Weaving Mixing Text and Graphics in Photoshop

Once you have completed this Page for Customize Text in Photoshop you are ready to do much more with texts in Photoshop. Here we will weave/mix Texts with other Backgrounds or Shapes.

Step 1. Make a document of 400px*400px with white(this will make it easier to work with Paths) background. And type any word that you want to work with using the Type Tool.

Step 2. Convert this Layer’s type to Shape. Layer>>Type>>Convert to Shape

convert texts in to shapes in photoshop

Step 3. Now draw a Custom Shape(path) on the the same Layer.

photoshop custom shapes and paths
Before drawing this make sure that you have selected the Vector Mask Thumbnail in the Layers Palette.

vector mask thumbnail

And your Custom Shape Tool is using the settings of Shape Layer

photoshop shape layer
and Exclude Overlapping Shape Areas

Exclude Overlapping Shape Areas

Now you have this.
photoshop text and shape

Step 4. Select the Path Selection Tool and select each Path you want to move. To edit paths use the Direct Selection Tool.

shape tool in photoshop
working with shape tool photoshop
See Customize Text in Photoshop for more details about this.

Step 5. Add some Layer Effect with the settings shown bellow and you are done.
photoshop drop shadow layer effect
gradient overlay in photoshop effect
stain and color burn

Add Gradients on the Background Layer
And we have this.
weaving mixing and compiling text and graphics.jpg

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