Photoshop Magic Wand Tool

The Magic Wand Tool is a selection tool that used for selecting adjacent pixels of similar color. This tool is used to select similar pixels with a single click. The tool works by sampling the colour of the image where you click and then looking at all adjacent pixels for those that are the same or similar in color.

selection done by magic wand tool
Here we have selected the violet color range with the magic wand tool and obviously with single click. That’s the main feature of this tool. But this tool has some limitations.

magic wand toolcricket field selection done by magic wand toolIn this Picture you can see that there is no such large/specific color range on the player to select for the magic wand tool. But if you are trying to change the background the obviously there are so many to select with this tool. So that is the magic of the Magic Wand Tool.

Press and hold down the Shift key to make multiple selection, and Alt key to subtract selection.

magic wand tool detailed options
1. Change the Tolerance Value to improve the ability to select.
2. The Contiguous setting allows you to select similar colored pixels only those are physically joined to your starting point. If you disable this setting and similar color pixels across the whole image will be selected with a click.
 3. If you check this option Photoshop will analyze all the layers for color similarity.

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