New Eye Dropper tool in Photoshop CS5

Everyone(almost) was waiting for the release of Photoshop CS5 and at the end it was worthy waiting.
Photoshop CS5 comes with a lots of new features, here is one of them.

The new Eye Dropper tool has a sample size option that let you choose what to sample, the bigger the value the more area is covered to sample.

Photoshop Eyedropper tool
The new Eye Dropper tool displays a sampling Ring. This ring has two separeted rings in it. The outer ring is gray colored and works mostly as a border. And inner ring has two half, the upper one shows the new color(the one being sampled) while the lower half shows current color(foreground before sampleing). This ring is surrounded by a gray colored ring.

Photoshop Eyedropper sampling ring

You can toggle on/off this sampling ring option in the option bar
toggle on/off option

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