Customize Text in Photoshop

In this tutorial we are going to customize or I should say Vectorize any Font. Lets make this with Arial Font
Coustomize and vectorize text in photoshop

With this technique you can make any common fonts into your own custom stylized text that no one can copy.

Step 1. Make a document of 800px X 200px. And write down any text with plain Arial font.

Note – Make sure you are not typing in Faux Bold or Faux Italics format. Other wise you won’t be able to complete this technique. This Faux Bold/Faux Italic options are available in Character Palette.

Step 2. After that change that layer’s type. To do that Layer>>Type>>Convert to Shape
convert texts to shape in photoshop
Your Layer Palette will now look something like this.
layer pallet photoshop
Step 3. Make current text layer Invisible by clicking on the Eye Icon in Layer Palette. This will make it easier to work with.
Step 4. Now take the Direct Selection tool(Press A), and click on the Paths icon on the Layer Palette(as shown on image). Your text will look like this.
photoshop paths
Step 5. With the Direct Selection Tool click on any character you want to edit.
edit paths photoshop

You may use the Pen Tool to Add or Remove paths.

Step 6. When you are satisfied click on the Eye icon again to make this layer visible.

Now add some layer effect on this layer.
photoshop text layer effect
And a white background layer.

Now you get this –
Coustomize and vectorize text in photoshop

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