Nine best Indian hindi music albums of recent time

India has its won culture to include songs in Movies, most of the world outside Indian subcontinent doesn’t like it that much(may it was past). Music in Indian movies are so good that Indian(like you and me) rarely need any other music album to listen to.

And thats why India produces a very low number of artist based music albums. Where as India produces the highest numbers of movies(higher than Hollywood too) in the world.

Apart from that I’m  including 9 best music albums of recent time.

  • aap ka suroor Himesh ReshammiyaAap Kaa Surroor

    – by Himesh Reshammiya download
    I think I don’t need to say anything about this album. According to wiki This album is considered the highest selling album in Indian history ever. Released in 2006 for nearly 1 year, this album remained at the number 1 position. It was because of the unprecedented success of this album that the first film of Himesh Reshammiya was named Aap Kaa Surroor – The Real Luv Story,the name being based on the famous and super successful album.

  • kabhi to nazar milao by adnan sami and asha bhosleKabhi to nazaar milao

    – by Adnan Sami download

    In 2000, Asha Bhosle and Adnan Sami release a collection of love songs named Kabhi to Nazar Milao.  The music of this album was composed by Adnan.  After the release the album became an instant hit and topped the Indian pop charts for most of 2001.  According to BusinessWeek, the album sold 2 million copies in India. Two most loved songs of this album were Kabhi To Nazar Milao and Lift Karadey. This album really changed Adnan’s musical career.

  • Kailash Kher KailasaKailasa

    – by Kailsh Kher download
    Released in 2006 the album rewrites the sufi culture in India. This was one the biggest hit of that year and made Kilash Kher a star overnight. This album contains the songs like – Teri Dewani, Allah ke bande haas de etc.

  • doorie by atif aslamDoorie

    – by Atif Aslam download
    This was the first International album release of Atif Aslam. It released in India and Pakistan at the end 2006 and topped the Indian chart for several weeks. This album contains the songs like - Doorie Sahi Jaaye Naa, Hum Kiss Galli, Kuch Iss Tarah

  • deewanaa by sonu nigamDeewanaa

    – by Sonu Nigam download
    One of the most important album of Sonu nigam’s career was released in 1999. This album has some most beautiful romantic songe of that time. Songs like aab mujhe raat din, isqadar pyar hain, dewaana tera is from this album.

  • aksar by shaanAksar

    – by Shaan download
    One of my personal favorite this album was released in 2004. This album contains the songs like – Bhool jaa, gum sum ho kyun, tanha dil, aksar.

  • maine payal hai chankai by Flaguni pathakMaine payal hai chankai

    – by Falguni Pathak download
    The album of the dandiya queen features songs like Aio rama, dil jhoom joom, maine payal hain chankai, meri chunar urr urr jaye etc.

  • piya basanti re by Ustad Sultan Khan & ChitraPiya basanti

    – by Ustad Sultan Khan & Chitra download
    If you like folk music then its a must have for you it has songs range from romantic (Piya Basanti) to pensive (Dhee More) to deliriously happy (Rangeelo Rut and Sawan Rut Aayo). This the album where you will find Ustad Sultan Khan at his singing best.

  • made in india by alisha chinaiMade in India

    – by Alisa Chinai download
    Basically it was a one song album, but the one song Made in India created history in India. Released in 1996 Made in India was Alisa’s first music release and this album/song bring her in to the lime lite.


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