Line and Paragraph Spacing in Microsoft Word

In Microsoft Word you will find the option for Line and Paragraph Spacing in Paragraph section of home tab of the ribbon. It is used to add space between the lines of text in a paragraph. By default, MS Word’s lines are single spaces, and the paragraphs have slightly more than that. Just click on the Line and Paragraph Spacing button(shown in Image below) on the ribbon and you will find some preset and mostly used Line and Paragraph Spacing options.
Line and Paragraph spacing in Microsoft word
If you want more options then click on the Line Spacing Options… in the dropdown menu. That will launch the Paragraph dialog box.
The third section is for line and paragraph spacing.
Line and Paragraph spacing dialog in Microsoft word

  • Before will add space before/above line/paragraph.
  • After will add space after/under line/paragraph.

There are six types of line spacing available

  1. Single: is the default line space for MS Word. This is 1 unit/point by size.
  2. 1.5 line: is 1.5 times of the default line space.
  3. Double: is 2 unit/point line space, double of the default size.
  4. At least: specify a minimum measurement for the line spacing, such as At Least 2.5 Points.
  5. Exactly: sets an exact measure.
  6. Multiple: set other amounts of line spacing, such as 3 Lines.

Keyboard shortcuts for line spacing in MS Word

Keyboard ShortcutEffect
Ctrl + 1Single line space
Ctrl + 2Double line space
Ctrl + 51.5 line space

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