Format using Tab and Tab Stop in Word 2010

Formating a document using tabs and tab stop is not just time saving it is also a necessary part of right and good formating. First of all it gives you 100% perfection and control over your document.
In Microsoft Word, we have seven types of tab stops:

  1. Left Left-aligns text at tab stop (and is default tab style)
  2. Center Centers text over tab stop
  3. Right Right-aligns text at tab stop
  4. Decimal Aligns numbers at decimal point over tab stop
  5. Bar A Bar Tab stop doesn’t position text. It inserts a vertical bar at the tab position.
  6. First Line Indent Sets indentation for first line of paragraph
  7. Hanging Indent Creates hanging indent

In this picture you can see different types of tabs used in the documents.

How format documents like the picture shown above?
First Write down
This Chapter then click on the desire distance at bottom of the ruler. This will open up the Tab dialog box, the select the desire option and click OK.
tab dialog box microsoft word
Now press TAB button on your key board and see the result.
For the next lines press Enter to go to next line.
Now you can see a little mark on the ruler where you just created the tab stop
ruler and tab stop word 2010
Double click on it and click on Clear to delete the Tab Stop.
Now repeat the above steps with numbered list to create your won content.
I have used a blank tab stop between the dots and page numbers show in the picture.
Remember on thing that the BAR doesn’t give you a tab stop, it makes a vertical bar on the page. You can add as much as you want. And to write text near it use a Left/Right/Center Tab stop just near the bar.

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