Basic Text Formatting in Microsoft Word 2010

Microsoft Word is undoubtedly worlds best and most advance Document and Word Processing Software. Microsoft Word has huge numbers of formatting options and features. With Word 2010/2007 we have some nifty features and templates to create fresh and attractive documents easily. Here are some basic lessons for formatting text in Microsoft Word.
In MS Word we can basically format Four elements:

  1. Character: The smallest element we can format in Word. Word allows us to make a character bold, italic, or underlined; change its font size; and even its color or background color. We can give every character in a document a different look and format.
  2. Paragraph: We can format each paragraph in a Word document like a separate document. We can format each paragraph with its own tab stop, Line Spacing, Indentation, alignments etc. See Format Paragraphs in Microsoft Word for more.
  3. Selection: Just select/highlight the area you want to format and MS Word allows you to separately format the selection. We can format a selection like the Character format options or change its left/right margins. We can even divide our document in sections each with a single page layout: like header/footer, Paper Size etc.
  4. Pages: Though it has nothing to do with texts inside the documents still we have some more things to format like Page Size, Margins, Header Footer, Page Orientations, Columns.

Format texts with keyboard shortcuts

EffectKey Board Shortcut
Bold TextCtrl+B
Italic TextCtrl+I
Word UnderlineCtrl+Shift+W
Doble UnderlineCtrl+Shift+D
Change to All CapsCtrl+Shift+A
Change to Small CapsCtrl+Shift+K
Toggle CapsShift+F3
Change FontCtrl+Shift+F
Font SizeCtrl+Shift+P
Increase font size one pointCtrl+]
Decrease font size one pointCtrl+[
Increase size to next available sizeCtrl+Shift+>
Decrease size to previous available sizeCtrl+Shift+<
Remove FormatCtrl+Shift+Z or Ctrl+Spacebar
To format your text just highlight and start formatting.
You can apply multiple formats on one selection like this Word. I have applied Bold Italic and Underline on it.

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