Tariff Plans Regulations for Longer Validity including Lifetime Tariff Plans

Any tariff plan presented, marketed or offered as valid for any prescribed period exceeding six months or as having lifetime or unlimited validity in lieu of an upfront payment, shall continue to be available to subscriber for the duration of the period as prescribed in the plan and in case of lifetime or unlimited validity plans, as long as the service provider is permitted to provide such telecom service under the current license or renewed license. In the case of plans with lifetime validity or unlimited validity, the service provider shall also inform the subscribers of the month and year of expiry of his current license.
For any tariff plan, the access provider shall be free to reduce tariffs at any time. However, no tariff item in a tariff plan shall be increased by the access provider:-
In respect of tariff plans with prescribed periods of validity of more than six months including tariff plans with lifetime or unlimited validity and also involving an upfront payment to be made by the subscriber towards such validity period, during the entire period of validity specified in the tariff plan;
In respect of other tariff plans, within six months from the date of enrolment of the subscribers; and,
In the case of recharge coupons with a validity of more than six months under any tariff plan, during the entire period of validity of such recharge coupon.

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