Size of a Nano SIM – how small it is

Everything is getting smaller yet powerful, then why not SIM cards? Full form of SIM is subscriber identity module or subscriber identification module. The SIM card we are using no a days was first introduced in 1989 and it is still ruling the market. There are several SIM cards that came in to the market but none of them were successful. When the first SIM card entered the market it was as big as a credit card.

Size of different types of SIM cards

Full-size SIM card

The first generation SIM card size was 85.60 mm x 53.98 mm (4266 mm˛) x 0.76 mm and the thickness was 0.76 MM. At that time Mobile Phones too was really big and there were enough space for a that big SIM card in it.

Full size SIM card

Plug-in SIM or Mini SIM

Fortunately we have a better option now and current SIM tat we use in our Cell Phones is much smaller than and its size is 15 mm x 25 mm (375 mm˛) x 0.76 mm. This SIM card is called Plug-in SIM or Mini SIM.
Plug in SIM or Mini SIM

Micro-SIM or 3FF

A SIM card that was introduced in 2004 was named Micro-SIM or 3FF (3rd form factor) its size was 15 mm x 12 mm (180 mm˛) x 0.76 mm.
Micro-SIM or 3FF

M2M SIM MFF2 or Embedded SIM

Next in the market was M2M SIM MFF2 or machine-to-machine form factor 2. It came in to market in 2010 and it is smallest SIM till date. Size of a M2M SIM is just 6 mm x 5 mm (30 mm˛). Thickness of this SIM card is a bit more than previous three SIMs sometime it is over 1 MM or even more.This SIM card is mainly used in machines where there is no need to change it and SIM cards are used only for security purposes.
M2M SIM MFF2 or Embedded SIM card

Nano SIM

The big news now. Apple wants this SIM card as future standard SIM. Size of this SIM card is 8.8 x 12.3 mm (108 mm˛) and thickness is 0.7 mm. Size of this SIM card is just about 25% of current SIM card that we are using and it is about 30% smaller than Micro SIM card.
Nano SIM size

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