Regulation and Maximum tariffs for roaming services Issued by TRAI

In the earlier roaming tariff regime, there was two-part charging a monthly fixed charge for access to the roaming facility and air time charge depending upon the usage. Through an order issued in January 2007, the Authority has introduced a usage based composite roaming tariff, thereby removing the rental component in tariffs for roaming services are mentioned below:

    The order is applicable for all mobile customers, prepaid and postpaid, and applicable across all types of tariff plans offered by both GSM and CDMA Mobile Operators.

  1. No rental permitted for roaming in any form.
  2. No surcharge is liable for any of the national roaming services.
  3. No separate PSTN charges on Roaming Calls.
  4. Receiving SMS is free while roaming.
  5. Charges for outgoing SMS while roaming continues to be under forbearance.
  6. Maximum permissible per minute charges for roaming calls, irrespective of the terminating networks, and irrespective of tariff plans would be:
    • Rs. 1.40 for outgoing local calls.
    • Rs. 2.40 for outgoing NDL calls
    • Rs. 1.75 for incoming calls
  7. Mobile Operators cannot charge any type of fixed or recurring charges for accessing roaming facility, for example, monthly rental, weekly rental, daily rental etc.

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