Best Apps to Watch Satellite TV Shows on Your Mobile Phones

Whether you’re looking for advice filing your taxes or to play full-length games, there are apps to do just about everything on modern smartphones. This has even become the case for watching satellite TV programming. Premium movie channels have launched apps that let viewers watch and keep track of their favorite movies, breaking down the wall between mobile devices and television. Whether you own a tablet or a smartphone, loading these apps can help you take your programming with you on the go.

One of the most popular apps for watching satellite programming on a mobile device is the HBO GO app. As a premium channel that’s included in the best satellite TV deals, fans have grown especially fond of HBO. The HBO GO app brings everything that users loved about HBO to the mobile platform, and you’re sure to love it too. The app lets you watch top movies, and also lets you watch all of HBO’s original programming. This includes hit shows like The Wire and The Sopranos. If you have HBO at home, HBO GO is a must-have. Considering that it’s free, there’s no reason not to add the app.

Showtime is another popular satellite network that lets customers watch hit movies as well as original series. The Showtime app lets you view an episode guide so that you never miss your favorite shows again. The app also allows you to view clips and trailers for different programming so that you can discover new programming while you’re on the go. The only major drawback of the app is that it doesn’t allow you to watch full-length programming, even if you’re a subscriber of Showtime. The app does attempt to make up for it by providing iTunes links to purchase the content, but some Showtime customers might feel like they’re being billed twice.

The satellite platform for mobile devices is continuing to expand, too. Cinemax recently released an app for iOS, despite being home to some adult programming that directly conflicts with Apple’s policy on material of that nature. With the app, MAX GO, Cinemax subscribers can watch a wide range of content from the Cinexmas library and view episode guides. It’s very much the same experience as HBO GO, except that it’s for Cinemax.

There’s no doubt that mobile content is the future. The amount of content available from these three providers alone is staggering. With mobile access like this, satellite TV deals look even more enticing.

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