15 Games for Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type Mobile Phone

Nokia X3-02 is really a cool mobile handset from the manufacturing house of Nokia. This 3G enable handset offers both touch and type options for a quite low price. As the phone’s operating system is not as good as it should be there are some drawbacks for this handset. But you don’t have to worry about playing games on your handset. Here I listed 15 great games that will give you ultimate fun and enjoyment for sure.

  1. Age Of Heroes 4 – Blood And Twilight

    age of heroes iv blood and twilight
    Age of Heroes IV: Blood and Twilight is a story about heroes and monsters. The game is very highly appreciated because of its uniqueness. In this game there is a thin line between heroes and monsters. How does one distinguish a hero from a monster? Are they judged by skills, appearance, actions, or how others judge them? Or are they going to be judged because of what they have already done or what they are going to do next?
    Download Age Of Heroes 4 – Blood And Twilight

  2. Alice In The Wonderland

    Alice In The Wonderland
    The game is inspired by the Disney film Tim Burton. As the film was, this game environment is also a fantasy world. Play as Alice and solve a series of puzzles with help from the Mad Hatter, White Rabbit and other memorable characters from the movie. Explore a world filled with whimsical settings, optical illusions, challenging puzzles, and formidable adversaries. Master unique abilities, such as altering perception, telekinesis, and manipulating time. Get set for a journey beyond your wildest imagination!
    Alice In The Wonderland

  3. Ben 10 Alien Force – Break In And Bust Out

    Ben10 Alien Force Break In
    The evil Highbreed aliens have captured Ben Tennyson’s cousin, Gwen, and imprisoned her in a large fortress in an alternate dimension. Join Ben 10 as he unleashes the Omnitrix Aliens on the Highbreed prison fortress to rescue Gwen and stop their evil plan for galaxy domination! Using the special powers of the Omnitrix and the aliens Echo Echo, Big Chill, Spidermonkey, Chromastone, Humongousaur and Swampfire, Ben 10 must break down the fortress’ walls and defenses and destroy it before it is too late for Gwen and the galaxy!
    Ben 10 Alien Force – Break In And Bust Out

  4. Contr Terrorism 3D – Episode 2

    Contr Terrorism 3D - Episode 2
    A 3D first person shooter game with exciting continuation of army ranger’s chronicles. You can experience one of the best 3D FPS on your Nokia X3-02. Both graphics and sound in this game is very good and it is quite addictive as well. Finish your enemy to enter next level.
    Download Contr Terrorism 3D – Episode 2

  5. Devils And Demons

    Devils and Demons java game
    Devils and Demons Mobile Java Games by Handy Games – Dark times arrive for the lands of your ancestors. An evil pact of the past is unleashed and claims to settle an old debt. Large armies of devilish creatures arise, waiting for the order to wipe out all humanity. Your tribe decides not to wait for its fatal destiny and sends Desola’s best mages and warriors to defeat the lords of hell and their army and to seal their portal to the world of living once and for all. It’s time to choose your role in this final war, whether it will be as a strong Earthquaker, a dainty Child of the Sun or a powerful Windcaller.
    Devils And Demons

  6. Dictator Defense

    dictator defence game for nokia x3-02
    Prepare for battle and protect their homeland of 4 crazy dictators, conquer the globe. Each more insane than the previous one. They send wave after wave of his troops to break your defenses and raise their own flag in your territory.
    Dictator Defense

  7. Fashion Center

    Fashion Center - Java Game
    Manage Your fashion store! Start from scratch and offer a high level of service to your customers, to improve your store, increase the choice of clothes and hire new employees! Created a name in the fashion world, helping your customers to look their best! Attract more customers to turn your store in the best of the city.
    Fashion Center

  8. Haunted Mansion Ball Blast

    Haunted Mansion Ball Blast java game
    Disney’s Pinball! Visit the famous haunted house in the Disney original game combines pinball and labyrinth. Steer your ball through the house using the bumpers, cannons and flippers to find passages and hidden bonuses. Can you discover the secrets of the mansion and capture its 999 ghosts?
    Haunted Mansion Ball Blast

  9. Kissing Frenzy

    Kissing Frenzy mobile game
    How good do you kiss? Of course, you are a great kisser! But can you prove it? How far will you go to show the world that you are the one and only who’s worth of all women’s hearts? Face the challenge to demonstrate your kissing skills! Try to kiss as many beauties sitting by the windows as possible while falling down from the skyscrapers! Do it by pressing corresponding keys in the right sequences. By kissing beauties you’re gaining ‘heart power’ which certain level must be achieved to land safely and move further..
    Download Kissing Frenzy (240×320)

  10. Mandys Bouncin’ Pets

    Mandys Bouncin' Pets
    Play as Mandy, the enthusiastic nurse, and help unbloat animals that are victims of Flatus, the cruel kidney bean. Travel the world armed with your harpoon syringe, avoid being run over, heal animals and foil the traps set by the Boss?. This funny and colourful adventure is full of secrets to be discovered. Bouncin’ Pets is an adventure and action game set in a fantasy world, a universe without violence, where the “bad guy”? is a comic character and where the good guys are naive and dedicated.
    Download Mandys Bouncin Pets

  11. Mini Golf Challenge 99 Holes

    Mini Golf Challenge 99 Holes
    Tee off on 99 challenging mini golf tracks in 4 exciting theme worlds! Enjoy the wacky worlds of Transylvania, Pirate, Space & Excalibur as you take on 5 unique challenge types in one fun game! Try to beat tricky opponents in Versus Match, beat the Par Challenge, make a Hole-in-One or beat the clock in Time Attack as you enjoy addictive mini golf that you can return to again & again!
    Mini Golf Challenge 99 Holes

  12. Silent Hunter

    Silent Hunter java game
    Take on the role of a German captain lieutenant and command a silent hunter above and below water! Evade Destroyers and dive down into the depths of Atlantic Ocean to execute an ambush! Carefully listen to the sounds of your hydrophone to identify unknown ships and plan your hunt! Beware of dangerous depth charges and naval mines while you’re navigating your submarine across the sea and prepare for the next attack! Sink the greatest battleships, accomplish the most challenging missions and become a man of the Kriegsmarine! Herr Kaleun, your crew is awaiting your orders!
    Silent Hunter

  13. Snake Revolution

    Snake Revolution
    Remember nokia’s snake? Forget it! prepare for ‘SNAKE-REVOLUTION’ Gecko-lab and gamelion studios presents new game developed for DIGITAL CHOCOLATE The times when snake only ate and got longer passed away. Now he must make a long journey across 4 different worlds. Complete many missions & rescue his beloved miss princess kidnapped by the evil snake. Fight enemies, destroy obstacles, collect bonuses & power-ups find hidden keys & much more in this amazing casual game. & ‘when u feel tired just choose option snake classic’ in Main menu and relax.
    Snake Revolution

  14. Tattoo Tycoon

    Java game Tattoo Tycoon for nokia x3-02
    Look abroad tattoo culture and gather their own empire of tattoos! Set up your tattoo studio, hire staff and buy a tattoo machine! Enhance its reputation and extort money from your customers by offering them individual consultations. Cool drinks, comfy sofas and trendy t-shirts! Create the most spectacular tattoos by developing new structures and improve your equipment!
    Tattoo Tycoon

  15. Zombie Attack

    Zombie Attack
    The world is the future, an immense world, where humans are outnumbered. Is the time of mankind truly over? The few humans who have survived the catastrophe have to hide. The new world belongs to the barbarous zombies. This chance encounter suddenly gives you the once in a lifetime chance to save the world. Will you manage to pass all tests, to protect your lady and to give mankind another chance? Unlock new weaponry, set up booby traps! The newly awoken dead must not stop you. Mission: Your goal is to survive in all levels of the game and to kill the maximum number of zombies. You have the great opportunity of putting yourself in the position of the last hero in the post-apocalypse’s world filled with crowds of blood-thirsty zombies.
    Zombie Attack

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