10 best java games for Micromax mobiles Download free

Java powered games for Micromax mobile handsets. This games are available for different skin sizes like 128×160, 176×220, 240×320. The package includes Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare, Devil My Cry, Guitar Hero 3, Guitar Hero III Backstage Pass, Playman Summer Games 3, Race Driver GRID, Rally Master Pro, Spore Originis, Super Mario and Worms 2008 A Space Oddity.

Please note that this games will only work if your phone supports Java

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  • Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare:

    Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare java game for mobile screenshot This is the mobile version of the original Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare game. Its a battle field third person shooting game. The game was developed by Glu Mobile and published by Activision. You are a soldier of US/UK military and have to fight for your country. Though the game has been developed by the same company it has many differences with the PC version of the game. But it’s a great game to play on mobile.

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  • Devil May Cry

    devil may cry mobile java gameDevil May Cry again a mobile version of the original PC game. Main hero Dante is back to fight the battle with the legions of the underworld. Here he is the mysterious half-man, half-demon action hero. He has some stylish swords and guns to play. Good graphics and sound make it very enjoyable even on the small screen.

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  • Guitar Hero 3

    Java Mobile game for Micromax Guitar Hero IIILove playing Guitar? or want to be rock star? then this game is very much for you. Only three control buttons and very original concept makes this game really interesting. Play and unlock new Gibson guitars to treat yourself as the world’s greatest mobile guitarist.

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  • Guitar Hero III: Backstage Pass

    Guitar Hero III: Backstage PassGuitar Hero III: Backstage Pass is the advance version of Guitar Hero III. it has all fresh attribute to the Guitar Hero universe and offers more than twenty-five hours of gameplay. Play with Axel Steel or Judy Nails and promote music on TV and radio. Make demo tapes, sign record contracts, handle press interviews, practice songs and play shows. There are several guitars which can be unlocked by achieving certain career goals, and this will strengthen performance. Players can also earn in-game money, which can be used to buy new guitars.

    Download Guitar Hero III: Backstage Pass

  • Playman Summer Games 3

    playman summer games 3Very beautiful and must have game. If you dont like it kids in your home surely will. This is one of the most loved and played game worldide. Playman Summer Games 3 arrives to your mobile screen jam-packed with an un-beatable combination of track and field challenges and tournaments. You can upload your scores online or enjoy a tournament with up to 6 of your friends. Enjoy the breathtaking graphics and gameplay and battle it out against 12 unique opponents in three game modes.

    Download Playman Summer Games 3

  • Race Driver GRID

    Race Driver GRID Codemasters Glu Mobile-3A multi-language car racing game for your mobile. Test your driving skills on a racing track. Good graphics, sounds and control takes it to the next level of mobile games. Play and fall in love!

    Download Race Driver GRID

  • Rally Master Pro

    rally master pro 11Rally Master Pro – is java game of new generation for mobile phones! It is one of the best mobile games available till date. With 27 detailed route under the hot sun, a torrential rain, or on snow it will make you wow! In Rally Master Pro you can notice as a road covering, weather conditions and a car condition change its behavior on a route. You have a second pilot to give you company on the road.

    Download Rally Master Pro

  • Spore Origins

    Spore Origin for MicromaxEat-or-be-eaten in SPORE: Origins mobile! Another funny yet tough game to play. Guide your creature through its early evolution and shape its destiny. Devour smaller creatures, explore primordial worlds filled with bizarre organisms, and avoid larger, lethal life forms. Grow your creature from single-cell to complex predator as you rise through 18 interactive levels. Customize your SPORE creature, increasing offense, defense, perception, and movement. Take on your friends by exporting your creature or fighting online in Arena mode against players around the world!

    Download Spore Origins

  • Super Mario java mobile

    super mario java mobile This game doesn’t require any introduction. Its the classic Super Mario on your mobile phone. The game play, the colors and the controls are the same as the original version. Some devices may have problem with sounds during the play but overall its a great fun to play mario on mobile.

    Download Super Mario

  • Worms 2008: A Space Oddity

    Worms 2008 A Space Oddity Mobile Game by THQ WirelessWorms 2008: A Space Oddity Mobile Game by THQ Wireless in June. The latest sequel, Worms 2008: A Space Oddity will be offered by THQ Wireless this summer. Worms 2008 features a story of intergalactic Worm travellers exploring their solar system. The improved single-player campaign missions feature varying objectives to keep the player on their toes as they fight to defend installations, repair space crafts, collect rare minerals and battle to the death against alien races.

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