15 Best Features of Windows 7.5

Microsoft has unveiled their new Windows Phone 7.5 version codenamed Mango. Its new features are completely unique in the Smartphone world. New features and apps make this OS more user-friendly and you will feel that it is worth to compete with iOS and Android OS. Here you will get help to explore Windows 7.5 mango by judging its hundreds of new features and apps.

  1. Multitasking King

    Windows 7.5 offers you multitasking manager and itís amazing. You donít need to press the home button repeatedly to go back to your work where you were before a text message came in. You just press the back button at this the app minimizes and it displays thumbnails of multiple programs you are using at that moment in your screen. Now you can swipe the apps whichever you want to use and tap the thumbnail to re-open it. The task switcher can memorize your previously used work on mobile and keeps it in a frozen state. You can switch into any app you want and you can go to task switcher wherever you want on the OS or in any app. I can say this feature can excel over Android and iOS platform for your smooth navigation within mobile environment.

  2. Integrated Social Networking Sites

    Windows 7.5 offers you all your social networking accounts integrated and more organized. Practically you just have to tap on the screen to check the social updates and see all the contacts in your phone. It integrates all your social networking accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In and you just have choose which account you want to check the updates on your Windows Phone.

  3. Improved Search Engine-Bing

    Bing introduced voice command feature which helps you to search faster. A new feature added which is called Bing Vision. It scans a barcode of any book or any product and provides you the information about the product.

  4. Donít Need to Type Text Message

    You donít need to type your text message anymore as windows 7.5 offers voice control over text message. You dictate your message to your phone whatever you want to type and the phone will convert into text message. This new update is pretty awesome. You just need to tap the microphone icon and dictate your message and press the send button.

  5. Easy Facebook Chat from Message Inbox

    Windows 7.5 offers you new integrated Facebook chat with messaging inbox. It represents more smooth function between online chat and messaging. You can directly chat from your messaging menu and can see a complete list of your online friends and their contacts. You can swipe back to texting instead of chatting anytime during the process.

  6. Integrated groups

    Mango introduced the new Group feature which helps you to get more organized. Now Linked-in, Facebook, Twitter are integrated with Windows Phone. It helps you maintain contact with the people you really care about. You can create specific groups more organized like family members, colleagues, best friends, sports club team members etc. You can send e-mails or texts to the whole group and you can follow the status updates of social networking sites.

  7. Easy to find and select Apps

    Windows 7.5 has its stock of more than 40,000 apps in its Marketplace from where you can easily download your desired apps in your Windows Phone. It offers 90% most popular apps such as Skype, TweetDect, Pandora, Foursquare, AllRecipe etc. The apps are more organized and integrated. Its sooth functionality helps you to find and download your required apps.

  8. Integrated E-mail in conversation View

    Windows 7.5 helps you to access your e-mail account more easily as possible. You can link between your multiple e-mail accounts and you can view the e-mails inboxes as one. The most important and notable feature is the conversation view. Here you can easily access and reply to your mail within your e-mail list and this feature is much more user friendly compared to other smartphones.

  9. Local Scout

    Where you travel, wherever you stay, you will never feel like outsider. The Local Scout feature of windows 7.5 has plenty of options to help you out. This app is developed by Microsoft and powered by Bing. With a single tap it helps you to find nearby restaurants, shopping mall and multiplexes.

  10. New Tap-To-Focus Feature in Camera and Easy Sharing

    The new tap-To-Focus feature in camera is just awesome. When you need to focus, just tap on the screen after opening the camera and it takes the snap when the focus is established. The picture quality and high-resolution video quality has also been improved perfectly.

  11. Improved Photo Tagging and Sharing

    After taking the snap you can manually tag your shot son social networking sites or you can leave to its advanced Auto-Face-Detection technology. The new Auto-Fix feature readjusts and can edit the snap you have taken, it can change the white balance and the colour combination to make your snap good-looking. After this you can quickly share your newly formed photos in your social networking sites.

  12. Integrated Office 365

    Windows 7.5 has Office hub which is latest mobile version of Word, Power point and Excel. It helps you to write and edit the documents in your windows phone. It also features note taking program which is called OneNote. Office 365 automatically synchronizes your contacts, e-mail and tasks for better communication. Here you can keep your e-mails separately from your linked inbox for your convenience.

  13. Music Player

    Windows 7.5 customized its music player and introduced a new enhancement feature. Here the lock-screen also displays the track is playing at the moment. If you want to listen to music at random without choosing any track, just tap on the double note icon.

  14. Experience Smart DJ

    The experience of Smart DJ feature is just awesome. You can get the music mix automatically based on whatever you want like tacks, albums and artists. If you subscribe the Zune Music Pass, you will get all the latest features of Smart DJ and you donít need to synchronize with desktop software for updating your phoneís software.

  15. Battery Saver Mode

    Windows phone 7.5 introduced a new feature called Battery saver Mode because it is the most haunting issue for the smartphone users. This mode helps you store the battery charge by deducing the battery-killing tasks of the your smartphones. At this you can see the remaining exact percentage of your battery and you can use your windows phone for longer time.

Finally – We can say, Microsoft has taken big step to for making such a versatile Mobile OS. But it took more time to upgrade than iOS and Android 4.0. Its user interface, power and its high-end technology is really user friendly and attractive. So it’s recommended and worth to try this OS if you haven’t yet.

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