Sri Krishna Tample now in Brazil

Iskcon’s Goura-Vrindavana Farm is in brazil

“Goura Vrindavan is a spiritual and ecological sanctuary—a place where you can experience peace and quiet, go deep into spiritual practice, and explore the raw nature and beautiful waterfalls,” Achyutanda says. “And of course, it’s the only ISKCON temple right in the middle of the rain forest!” It is really something to fell proud about this temple. It was originally builded in 1983, here are some details about this temple. Address: Rod. Rio-Santos BR 101, Km 558, Graúna – Paraty RJ CEP 23970-000 Presiding Deities: Small deities of Pancha Tattva, Gaura Nitai, and Radha Krishna, as well as salagrama silas and govardhana silas. Large deities of Radha Vrindavana Chandra and Gaura Nitai will be installed in 2011. President: Achyutananda Dasa. Established in: 1983. Temple Style: Current temple is a room used for worship in the community’s ashram. A new temple, stone-built with an oriental roof, will open in 2011. You can find more about this temple here

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