India has more Internet users than United Kingdom

According to the data released by the World Bank, World Development Indicators India has 5 million more internet users than UK. The data was released in 2009 and counts the users of 2008. In this report China ranks number one with 298,000,000 users followed by USA with 230,630,000 users. Japan ranks third with 95,978,992 users, Brazil ranks 4th with 72,027,696 users, Germany ranks 5th with 61,973,096 users and India ranks 6th in the table with 51,750,000 internet users.

internet users in India Japan China USA
With 17% of the world population India has only about 3.26% of world internet users. Only 4.5% of Indian population have access to the internet. Internet users in India is growing very rapidly and with the launch of 3G and wireless broadband India may have 255 million internet users before 2015.
internet users with population india


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