Brief Analysis of Maharashtra Provisional Population 2011 Census

Maharashtra the second largest State in the country in terms of population with about 9.29 percent of total county’s population. As of census 2011 Maharashtra has a total population of 11,23,72,972. An increase of 1,54,94,345 during the decade 2001-11. In 2001 census, this was 9,68,78,627. The growth rate of population during last decade 2001-11 is 15.99% in the State is 1.65% less than the same at county level which is 17.64%.

Highlights of census in Maharashtra

  1. Maharashtra stands 2nd with a population of 11,23,72,972 (9.29%) in the country after Uttarpradesh.
  2. In terms of growth rate Maharashtra stands at 21st rank in India.
  3. In terms of sex ratio the State is in 22nd rank with 925 females per 1000 males against 940 at national level.
  4. Child sex ratio is 883 females per 1000 males against 914 at national level.
  5. The State with Literacy rate 82.9% against the national average of 74.0% stands at 12th rank in
    the country.
  6. The density of population is 365 persons per sq. Km. as compared to 382 at national level.
  7. The proportion of children in age 0 to 6 years is 11.43 percent against 13.12 percent at national

Growth of Population during the last decade in Maharashtra

  1. The State has recorded 11,23,72,972 population with growth rate 15.99 percent over 2001 census. This was 22.73 during 1991-01. This shows reduction in growth rate by 6.74 percentage points.
  2. Total density is 365 persons per sq. Km. as compared to 315 in 2001.
  3. First time, after 1921, Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg have registered negative growth rate -4.96 percent and – 2.30 percent respectively.
  4. Mumbai, has recorded negative growth rate of -5.75 percent in 2011.
  5. Highest rate of growth is in Thane (35.9 percent) followed by Pune (30.3 percent).

Overall analysis of Population in Maharashtra 2011 census

Literacy Rate76.582.96.40%
Sex Ratio (Female/1000 Male)9229250.33%
Child Sex Ratio (Girls/1000 Boys)913833-8.76%
Children between 0-6 years1367112612848375-6.02%
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