26 most populated cities in Karnataka Population, Sex Ratio, Literacy

8th largest state in terms of area, Karnataka has a population of about 6.1 crore (61 million) people. Karnataka is the 9th most populated state in India. Population density in Karnataka is 319/km2. Almost 26% of Karnataka’s population lives in cities and the states have 26 cities that have a population of over 1 lakh (100K) each.

Most populated cities in Karnataka

the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore is the biggest city in the state with population of over 84 lakhs people. After Bangalore Dharwad is the second most populated city in the state. Population of Dharwad is almost 9.5 lakhs. Mysore is the third most populated city in Karnataka with 8.87 lakhs person living in the city. Gulbarga, Belgaum, Dakshina Kannada, Davanagere and Bellary are some big cities in the state. Koppal, Haveri and Bagalkot are 3 lowest populated cities in Karnataka with population over 1 lakh each.

Sex Ratio of cities in Karnataka

Sex Ratio in Karnataka is 968 females per 1000 males, which is almost 3% higher than the national average of 940. 11 out of 26 cities in Karnataka have sex ratio of over 1000 female per 1000 male. Which is surprisingly good in India.
Kolar in Robertson Pet district have the highest sex ratio 1023 female per 100 male. Udupi, Hassan, Dakshina Kannada, Chikmagalur and Shimoga all have sex ratio of over 1010 females per 1000 males.
Most populated city Bangalore have the lowest sex ratio of just 914 followed by Bidar (937) and Gulbarga (953).

Population and sex ratio of cities in Karnataka

DistrictCityTotalMaleFemaleSex Ratio
Belgaum (M Corp.)Belgaum488292246407241885982
Bagalkot (CMC)Bagalkot1120685683755231972
Bijapur (CMC)Bijapur326360165122161238976
Bidar (CMC)Bidar211944109435102509937
Raichur (CMC)Raichur232456117408115048980
Gangawati (CMC)Koppal10535452678526761000
Gadag-Betigeri (CMC)Gadag17281386165866481006
Hubli-Dharwad *(M Corp.)Dharwad943857475980467877983
Ranibennur (CMC)Haveri1063655393352432972
Hospet (CMC)Bellary2061591029231032361003
Bellary (M Corp.)Bellary409644206026203618988
Chitradurga (CMC)Chitradurga1399147030469610990
Davanagere (M Corp.)Davanagere435128220544214584973
Shimoga (CMC)Shimoga322428161978160450991
Bhadravati (CMC)Shimoga15077675020757561010
Udupi (CMC)Udupi12535062031633191021
Chikmagalur (CMC)Chikmagalur11849658859596371013
Tumkur (CMC)Tumkur305821155406150415968
BBMP (M Corp.)Bangalore842597044012994024671914
Mandya (CMC)Mandya13773568748689871003
Hassan (CMC)Hassan13372366380673431015
Mangalore (M Corp.)Dakshina Kannada4847852406512441341014
Mysore (M Corp.)Mysore8874464438134436331000
Gulbarga (M Corp.)Gulbarga532031272451259580953
Kolar (CMC)Kolar1385537006468489978
Robertson Pet (CMC)Kolar14642872378740501023

Literacy Rate of cities in Karnata

The state Karnata have overall literacy rate of 75.60%, which is just a bit higher than the national average of 74.04%. 82.85% males and 68.13% females in the state are literate. For cities Dakshina Kannada have the highest 94.03% literacy rate followed by Udupi (93.89%), Hassan (90.51%) and Belgaum (90.49%). The city Bangalore have 89.59% literacy rate. In Karnataka there are only 3 cities with literacy rate bellow 80%. These cities are Koppal (76.58%), Raichur (77.47%) and Bellary (78.26%).

7+ population and Literacy rate in Cities in Karnataka

DistrictCityTotal7+ Population7+ Male7+ FemaleLiterateLiteracy RateMaleFemale% Male% Female
Belgaum (M Corp.)Belgaum48829243844422065821778639673690.4920854618819094.5186.41
Bagalkot (CMC)Bagalkot1120689966950361493088586086.15466233923792.5879.58
Bijapur (CMC)Bijapur32636028722614464014258623963183.4312861511101688.9277.86
Bidar (CMC)Bidar211944186867963329053516378187.65894727430992.8882.08
Raichur (CMC)Raichur23245620453210312210141015845277.47869737147984.3470.49
Gangawati (CMC)Koppal1053549223245969462637063076.58390273160384.968.31
Gadag-Betigeri (CMC)Gadag172813154394766467774813209485.56700356205991.3779.82
Hubli-Dharwad *(M Corp.)Dharwad94385784386842468741918173650687.2838929034721691.6782.83
Ranibennur (CMC)Haveri1063659479347951468428529889.98432344206490.1689.8
Hospet (CMC)Bellary206159179681894159026614377680.02776786609886.8773.23
Bellary (M Corp.)Bellary40964436005718068917936828176878.2615327512849384.8371.64
Chitradurga (CMC)Chitradurga139914125632629556267711151488.76582575325792.5484.97
Davanagere (M Corp.)Davanagere43512839058319765619292733155184.8917574715580488.9280.76
Shimoga (CMC)Shimoga32242829080214584814495425597188.0213319112278091.3284.7
Bhadravati (CMC)Shimoga150776136776679336884311844686.6621995624791.5681.7
Udupi (CMC)Udupi125350115067566675840010804193.89546905335196.5191.35
Chikmagalur (CMC)Chikmagalur11849610756553260543059658689.79497424684493.3986.26
Tumkur (CMC)Tumkur30582127616614017313599323742485.9712390411352088.3983.47
BBMP (M Corp.)Bangalore8425970756347739566603606817677594289.593664959311098392.6386.25
Mandya (CMC)Mandya137735124466619226254410593885.11554425049689.5480.74
Hassan (CMC)Hassan133723121053598636119010956490.51556105395492.988.17
Mangalore (M Corp.)Dakshina Kannada48478544331421916622414841686394.0321148220538196.4991.63
Mysore (M Corp.)Mysore88744680945840370740575170289686.8436315733973989.9683.73
Gulbarga (M Corp.)Gulbarga53203146288523637822650738747083.7121081717665389.1977.99
Kolar (CMC)Kolar138553122560620096055110297884.02541214885787.2880.69
Robertson Pet (CMC)Kolar146428133106657596734711925889.6613045795493.2386.05

Child population of cities in Karnataka

11.21 of Karnataka’s total population are children under 6 years of age. The percentage of child population in Karnataka is also lower than the national average of 13.12%. Cities with highest percentage of children under 6 years of age are Gulbarga (13%), Bellary (12.84%), Koppal (12.46%), Bellary (12.10%) and Raichur (12.01%).
10 out 26 cities in Karnataka with population over 1 lakh each have child population under 10%. Udupi have the lowest 8.2% children under 6 years of age population followed by Dakshina Kannada (8.55%) and Mysore (8.79%).

Child sex ratio of cities in Karnataka

Karnataka have 940 girls for every 1000 boys under 6 years of age, which is way higher than the nation’s average of just 914 girls per 1000 boys. Only one city in the state have higher girls sex ratio than boys. Kolar in Robertson Pet district have 1013 girls for every 1000 boys. Other than that Kolar in Kolar district, Shimoga in Bhadravati district and Shimoga in Shimoga district also have quite decent sex ratio.
Bijapur, Bidar, Bagalkot, Udupi and Gulbarga are 5 cities with lowest child sex ratio in the state. All of these cities have child sex ratio under 920 girls per 1000 boys.

Child under 6 years of age population and sex ratio in Karnataka

DistrictCityTotal0-6 Population% of TotalBoysGirlsSex Ratio
Belgaum (M Corp.)Belgaum4882924984810.212574924099936
Bagalkot (CMC)Bagalkot1120681239911.0664765923915
Bijapur (CMC)Bijapur3263603913411.992048218652911
Bidar (CMC)Bidar2119442507711.831310311974914
Raichur (CMC)Raichur2324562792412.011428613638955
Gangawati (CMC)Koppal1053541312212.4667096413956
Gadag-Betigeri (CMC)Gadag1728131841910.6695198900935
Hubli-Dharwad *(M Corp.)Dharwad9438579998910.595129348696949
Ranibennur (CMC)Haveri1063651157210.8859825590934
Hospet (CMC)Bellary2061592647812.841350812970960
Bellary (M Corp.)Bellary4096444958712.102533724250957
Chitradurga (CMC)Chitradurga1399141428210.2173496933943
Davanagere (M Corp.)Davanagere4351284454510.242288821657946
Shimoga (CMC)Shimoga322428316269.811613015496961
Bhadravati (CMC)Shimoga150776140009.2970876913975
Udupi (CMC)Udupi125350102838.2053644919917
Chikmagalur (CMC)Chikmagalur118496109319.2255995332952
Tumkur (CMC)Tumkur305821296559.701523314422947
BBMP (M Corp.)Bangalore842597086249310.24444639417854940
Mandya (CMC)Mandya137735132699.6368266443944
Hassan (CMC)Hassan133723126709.4765176153944
Mangalore (M Corp.)Dakshina Kannada484785414718.552148519986930
Mysore (M Corp.)Mysore887446779888.794010637882945
Gulbarga (M Corp.)Gulbarga5320316914613.003607333073917
Kolar (CMC)Kolar1385531599311.5480557938985
Robertson Pet (CMC)Kolar146428133229.10661967031013

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