20 Cities in Haryana – Population, Literacy and Sex Ratio

Haryana is one of the richest states in India and is the heart of automobile industry. Cities like Gurgaon and Faridabad holds most of the population of this state. Faridabad is the most populated city in Haryana with a population of 14,04,653 followed by Gurgaon that has a population of 8,76,824. Haryana has 20 cities that has a population of over 1,00,000 each. These cities are distributed in 18 districts. Only 3 districts Fatehabad, Mahendragarh and Mewat doesn’t stand in the list. Ambala and Yamunanagar have two cites each with population of over 1,00,000.

Population of big cities in Haryana

Faridabad, the most populated city in the state alone contains 5.5% of the states population. Its population is almost the double of next most populated city in the state Gurgaon. Total 14,04,653 people live in the city. 53% (7,50,446) of the city’s population are male and 47% (6,54,207) are female.
At number two Gurgaon holds 8,76,824 persons and 54% (4,75,612) among them are male and 46% (4,01,212) are female. Rohtak and Hisar both have a population of over 3 lacks each. Panipat, Karnal, Sonipat, Yamunanagar and Panchkula, these 5 cities holds over 2 lacks person each.

Sex Ratio of big cities in Haryana

The state Haryana has a very low overall sex ratio and cities in it reflects the same. Overall sex ratio in Haryana is just 877 female per 1000 male. Only one city Ambala Sadar, in Haryana has a sex ratio of over 900. Though it is too low, just 922 female per 100 male, but still Ambala Sadar has the highest sex ratio among cities in the state. Ambala city has a male female sex ratio of 895 followed by Sisra with 893. Jagadhri, Hisar and Gurgaon all have very poor sex ratio of just 844 female per 1000 male and these 3 cities stands a the bottom of the table.

Population and Sex Ratio of cities in Haryana

DistrictCityTotalMaleFemaleSex Ratio
PanchkulaPanchkula (M Cl) (incl.spl)21017511162298553883
AmbalaAmbala Sadar (M CL)1042685424150027922
AmbalaAmbala (M Cl)19621610353392683895
YamunanagarYamunanagar (M Cl)216628115404101224877
YamunanagarJagadhri (M Cl)1249156775257163844
KurukshetraThanesar (M Cl)1549628365571307852
KaithalKaithal (M Cl)1446337665767976887
KarnalKarnal (M Cl)286974151668135306892
PanipatPanipat (M Cl)294150157302136848870
SonipatSonipat (M Cl)277053147933129120873
JindJind (M Cl)1662258856177664877
SirsaSirsa (M Cl)1832829680686476893
HisarHisar (M Cl)301249163338137911844
BhiwaniBhiwani (M Cl)19766210537292290876
RohtakRohtak (M Cl)373133197754175379887
JhajjarBahadurgarh (M Cl)1704269173678690858
RewariRewari (M Cl)1408647468966175886
GurgaonGurgaon (M Corp.)876824475612401212844
FaridabadFaridabad (M Corp.)1404653750446654207872
PalwalPalwal (M Cl)1279316788760044884

Child under 6 years of age Population and Sex ratio in cities in Haryana

13% of the state’s population are under 6 years of age. 11.6% of city’s population in Haryana are children. Faridabad, Gurgaon, Palwal and Panipath all 4 cities have child population of over 12%. Only one city from this list, Ambala Sadar has child population under 10% of its total population.
The poor sex ratio in the state reflects for child population as well. Although the state overall sex ratio is 877, child sex ratio in Haryana is just 830. It mans there are only 830 girls per 1000 boys in the state. This is the same for big cities in the state too.
4 cities with a population of over 1,00,000 in the state have child sex ratio of below 800 girls per 1000 boys. These cities are Bahadurgarh (784), Rewari (785), Sonipath (788) and Rohtak (793). Not even a single city in Haryana has child sex ratio of over 900. Hisar city has the highest (860) child sex ratio in the state followed by Thanesar (856) and Gurgaon (846).

Child (0-6 years) Population and Sex ratio in big Cities in Haryana

DistrictCity0-6 Population% of TotalBoysGirlsSex Ratio
PanchkulaPanchkula (M Cl) (incl.spl)2211110.521202410087839
AmbalaAmbala Sadar (M CL)96469.2552394407841
AmbalaAmbala (M Cl)1964510.01107138932834
YamunanagarYamunanagar (M Cl)2290510.571255610349824
YamunanagarJagadhri (M Cl)1363510.9274846151822
KurukshetraThanesar (M Cl)1559410.0684017193856
KaithalKaithal (M Cl)1669011.5491567534823
KarnalKarnal (M Cl)3129110.901731913972807
PanipatPanipat (M Cl)3547712.061924616231843
SonipatSonipat (M Cl)3080911.121723213577788
JindJind (M Cl)1882511.33102808545831
SirsaSirsa (M Cl)2016111.00111619000806
HisarHisar (M Cl)3351411.131801515499860
BhiwaniBhiwani (M Cl)2250711.391244410063809
RohtakRohtak (M Cl)4071510.912271118004793
JhajjarBahadurgarh (M Cl)2037411.95114208954784
RewariRewari (M Cl)1598611.3589587028785
GurgaonGurgaon (M Corp.)10862312.395884249781846
FaridabadFaridabad (M Corp.)17677312.589580880965845
PalwalPalwal (M Cl)1566212.2486147048818

Literacy rate in Cities in Haryana

Literacy rate in Haryana is quite low. Only 76.64% of its total population (excluding 0-6 years) is literate. Literacy rate in cities are a bit better then the rest of Haryana. About 85% of its total Urban population living in big cities of the state are literate. All 20 cities in Haryana with population of over 1,00,000 have effective literacy (7+ population only) rate of anywhere between 80% to 88%. Rewari has the highest 88.25% and Kaithal has the lowest 80.76% literacy rate. Among literate population of cities in Haryana, 56.30% are male and 43.70% are female.

Effective Literacy Rate of major Cities in Haryana

DistrictCity7+ Population7+ Male7+ FemaleLiterateLiteracy RateMaleFemale% Male% Female
PanchkulaPanchkula (M Cl) (incl.spl)188064995988846616523587.86909387429791.3183.98
AmbalaAmbala Sadar (M CL)9462249002456208323687.97434443979288.6687.22
AmbalaAmbala (M Cl)176571928208375115578088.23850047077691.5884.51
YamunanagarYamunanagar (M Cl)1937231028489087516641985.91921647425589.6181.71
YamunanagarJagadhri (M Cl)11128060268510129546985.79536604180989.0481.96
KurukshetraThanesar (M Cl)139368752546411411948285.73676465183689.8980.85
KaithalKaithal (M Cl)127943675016044210332980.76591624416787.6573.07
KarnalKarnal (M Cl)25568313434912133422071186.321216529905990.5581.64
PanipatPanipat (M Cl)25867313805612061721802384.291226299539488.8379.09
SonipatSonipat (M Cl)24624413070111554321560987.561218219378893.2181.17
JindJind (M Cl)147400782816911912326783.63711295213890.8675.43
SirsaSirsa (M Cl)163121856457747613543583.03757965963988.576.98
HisarHisar (M Cl)26773514532312241221697881.041251729180686.1375
BhiwaniBhiwani (M Cl)175155929288222714780784.39840286377990.4277.56
RohtakRohtak (M Cl)33241817504315737527950984.0815567912383088.9478.68
JhajjarBahadurgarh (M Cl)150052803166973613210888.04757145639494.2780.87
RewariRewari (M Cl)124878657315914711020588.25619334827294.2281.61
GurgaonGurgaon (M Corp.)76820141677035143166296986.3037316428980589.5482.46
FaridabadFaridabad (M Corp.)1227880654638573242104216884.8859202445014490.4478.53
PalwalPalwal (M Cl)11226959273529969093781.00520283890987.7873.42
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