17 most Populated Cities in Punjab – Sex Ratio and Literacy Rate

Located in the northwestern part of India, Punjab is the agricultural heart of India. The state ranks 14th (U/Ts excluded) in the population table of our country. Though agriculture is the biggest industry in the state, Punjab is also know for manufacturing scientific instruments, agricultural and electrical machineries and so on. The state Punjab holds a population 2,77,04,236 people. 21% (59,23,530) of its total population live in 17 cities throughout the state.  These 17 cities include only cities with a population of over 1,00,000 and these  are located in 14 out of 20 districts of the state.

Population of big cities in Punjab

As mentioned above 21% of states total population live within 17 cities of the state. Ludhiana and Amritsar are two biggest cities in the state. Both of them has population over 10 lakhs (1 million). Jalandhar and Patiala are another 2 big city in the state. These 4 cities occupy almost 70% of Punjab’s urban population.
Kapurthala is the least populated city (with population over 1 lakh) in the the state followed by Firozpur, Barnala and Muktsar. All of these 4 cities has population under 1.2 lakhs each.

Male Female Sex Ratio of 17 big cities in Punjab

The state Punjab too has a very poor female/male sex ratio. Overall sex ratio of the state is 893. Which means there are 893 female per 1000 male in the state. Cities in Punjab reflects the same as well. Average male/female sex ratio of cities (100K + population) in Punjab is 884 only.
There are only 3 cities in Punjab where sex ratio is above 900 women per 1000 men. S.A.S. Nagar, Hoshiarpur and Pathankot are among them. Kapurthala, Ludhiana and Barnala stands at the bottom of the table. Sex ratio in Kapurthala is 832 female per 1000 male.

Population and Sex Ratio of cities in Punjab

DistrictCityTotalMaleFemaleSex Ratio
GurdaspurPathankot (M Cl)1483577783370524906
GurdaspurBatala (M Cl)1564008245973941897
KapurthalaKapurthala (M Cl)1016545548546169832
JalandharJalandhar (M Corp.)862196458015404181882
HoshiarpurHoshiarpur (M Cl)1684438829080153908
LudhianaKhanna (M Cl)1281306781160319890
LudhianaLudhiana (M Corp.)1613878874773739105845
MogaMoga (M Cl)1504327976070672886
FirozpurFirozpur (M Cl)1100915840151690885
FirozpurAbohar (M Cl)1452387684068398890
MuktsarMuktsar (M Cl)1170856200555080888
BathindaBathinda (M Corp.)285813151782134031883
PatialaPatiala (M Corp.)405164215606189558879
AmritsarAmritsar (M Corp.)1132761602754530007879
Sahibzada Ajit Singh NagarS.A.S. Nagar (M Cl)1461047644169663911
SangrurMalerkotla (M Cl)1353307140163929895
BarnalaBarnala (M Cl)1164546230254152869

Child Population and Sex Ratio

10.2% of the population in cites of Punjab are children under 6 years of age. This is almost the same of the state’s average of 10.6%. Malerkotla has highest 12.1% child population and Jalandhar, Patiala and Amritsar have the lowest 9.7% child population.
Child Sex ratio (0-6 years) In the State Punjab as well as cities in it are even worse. Punjab’s overall child sex ratio is just 846. These 17 city’s average is 853 girls per 1000 boys. Only 1 city Malerkotla in the state has child sex ratio of over 900. Malerkotla has child under 6 years of age sex ratio of 950. Pathankot, Amritsar and Khanna have child sex ratio of 802, 824 and 828 accordingly.

Child Population and Sex Ratio of Cities in Punjab

DistrictCity0-6 Population% of TotalBoysGirlsSex Ratio
GurdaspurPathankot (M Cl)134969.1074886008802
GurdaspurBatala (M Cl)146989.4080286670831
KapurthalaKapurthala (M Cl)97069.5551624544880
JalandharJalandhar (M Corp.)836699.704485038819866
HoshiarpurHoshiarpur (M Cl)1683610.0091787658834
LudhianaKhanna (M Cl)1321810.3272325986828
LudhianaLudhiana (M Corp.)17302110.729249280529871
MogaMoga (M Cl)1550210.3083487154857
FirozpurFirozpur (M Cl)1151610.4662625254839
FirozpurAbohar (M Cl)1587010.9385877283848
MuktsarMuktsar (M Cl)1363911.6574486191831
BathindaBathinda (M Corp.)3071310.751647214241865
PatialaPatiala (M Corp.)391559.662105818097859
AmritsarAmritsar (M Corp.)1095409.676005649484824
Sahibzada Ajit Singh NagarS.A.S. Nagar (M Cl)131559.0069756180886
SangrurMalerkotla (M Cl)1631512.0683657950950
BarnalaBarnala (M Cl)1298411.1570965888830

Effective Literacy Rate of major Cities in Punjab

Literacy rate in Punjab is 76.68%. 81.48% of the state’s male population is literate where just 71.34% female population is literate. Population only over 7 years of age is counted to get the effective literacy rate.
Effective literacy rate in cities in Punjab varies from city to city. Somewhere it is as low as 70% and somewhere it is 93%. S.A.S. Nagar in Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar district has 93.22% literacy rate which is the highest in the state. Malerkotla in Sangrur district has the lowest 70.25% literacy rate.

Effective Literacy Rate of major Cities in Punjab

DistrictCity7+ Population7+ Male7+ FemaleLiterateLiteracy RateMaleFemale% Male% Female
GurdaspurPathankot (M Cl)134861703456451611948388.60646735481091.9484.96
GurdaspurBatala (M Cl)141702744316727112113885.49661015503788.8181.81
KapurthalaKapurthala (M Cl)9194850323416257891485.82443993451588.2382.92
JalandharJalandhar (M Corp.)77852741316536536266562585.5036350030212587.9882.69
HoshiarpurHoshiarpur (M Cl)151607791127249513509489.11725336256191.6886.3
LudhianaKhanna (M Cl)11491260579543339702284.43531084391487.6780.82
LudhianaLudhiana (M Corp.)1440857782281658576123021885.3869116153905788.3581.85
MogaMoga (M Cl)134930714126351811076482.0960698500668578.82
FirozpurFirozpur (M Cl)9857552139464367861579.75434683514783.3775.69
FirozpurAbohar (M Cl)129368682536111510331979.86583474497285.4973.59
MuktsarMuktsar (M Cl)10344654557488897997977.31450073497282.571.53
BathindaBathinda (M Corp.)25510013531011979021131882.841188889243087.8677.16
PatialaPatiala (M Corp.)36600919454817146131609386.3617429114180289.5982.7
AmritsarAmritsar (M Corp.)102322154269848052387252785.2747806239446588.0982.09
Sahibzada Ajit Singh NagarS.A.S. Nagar (M Cl)132949694666348312393093.22661005783095.1591.1
SangrurMalerkotla (M Cl)11901563036559798360670.25471643644274.8265.1
BarnalaBarnala (M Cl)10347055206482648234779.59461003624783.5175.1
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