Monitor and Check MTS broadband usages

If you are using prepaid MTS wireless broadband unlimited (with speed cap of course) plans then you must have noticed that MTS doesn’t provide any tools to check your remaining balance. Postpaid users have the option to check their usages via MTS official website. There they can log in and see usages. What about prepaid users? There are two options provided by MTS for prepaid users to check there balance.

Using the Mblaze software to track your Internet usages

First one is the worst and unreliable option a user can have. MTS USB dongle comes with a software named MBLAZE. It has a log option that keeps the record of your data usages but if I found the software is totally unreliable and it doesn’t tracks all the traffic. If you are using this software to track your data usages then beware of it.
This software has several disadvantages like if you are using your dongle on multiple computers then it is not possible to track or even if you use Windows dialer option and don’t use this software (this is the best practice I believe) then it is also not possible to track your usage.

Call the customer care and ask for detailed log

This is a reliable option but it is really time consuming and not practical at all. Though you can call them anytime and ask your Internet usages details but you have to spend at-least 10 minutes to get all the details for period of say 10 days.
If you want to use this option then call 955 from your MTS mobile that way you won’t have to pay any call charges and ask for your details logs since your last unlimited recharge. If you don’t have MTS mobile number then call 9153955955 See official site for state specific numbers.

Use third-party softwares to track broadband usages

This is the best possible way to monitor and check your Internet usage. Use a third-party software like Net Meter and it will log every Internet traffic in your computer. If you are using your MTS dongle in local network sharing mode then it can monitor all the computers at once.
Wit Net Meter you can set per day data usages limits, alarm for overuse and some other stuffs. For multiple computer users, you have to sum up the total from each computer to see your total usages.
For more on this check How to Track Internet Data usages on Windows Mac and Linux. There you can download the software and will have the guide for setting up this tool.

Finally I would tell you that every time you call MTS customer care you should ask them about why they are not showing the remaining balance of capped unlimited data plans. If they got enough complaints from the customers then hopefully one day they will show it again.

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