Import contents from Excel to MS Word with all Formulas and Formatting

Ever wondered how you can import your Excel Worksheet contents with all its formulas and formatting to your MS Word documents? Learn how to do this easily.
If you have tried to copy/paste data from Excel to MS Word then you must have noticed that this doesn’t copies the formatting or formulas. Copy from Excel just copies the texts and when you paste it in MS Word it pastes the content in a table. All the formatting and formulas are vanished this way. So we need a better option to do this.
Microsoft Word offers a cool importing option to import data from Excel to Word. To do this click on the Insert tab then select Table >> Excel Spreadsheet

Import data from MS Excel to MS Word

Import data from MS Excel to MS Word

This will embed a Excel sheet with all of its functionally within your MS Word document. Now you can simply copy content from MS Excel and paste it within the Excel frame of your Word document. With this all of your formulas and formatting will remain the same and you can edit the data whenever you need.
Excel window within MS Word

Embedded Excel window within MS Word

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