How to Track Internet Data usages on Windows Mac and Linux

This is very normal that you have an limited Internet plan which offer a few GB data transfer per month or so. So you want to track your Internet usages so that you do not exceed data transfer limit. There are some softwares available for Windows which can do the job for you. Here are a few of these tools for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Internet usages tracking tools for Windows

This is no surprise that If you are a Windows user then you have the maximum choices.

Hoo Technologies Net Meter

Hoo Technologies Net Meter screenshot
This is one of the best tools available for monitoring Internet usages. With this you have detailed Daily/Weekly/Monthly logs, you can set alarm for overuses or you can even stop Internet after a certain limit per day/month. One more thing is that it provides quite good graphs for your Internet use statistics Download.

Analogx NetStat

Analogx NetStat screenshot
Analogx NetStat is cool software and you may give it a try. It has some extra features like CPU usages and System Threads Download.

Broadband Download Monitor

Broadband Download Monitor
Broadband Download Monitor does the job too but it don’t have much options or detailed log. So this is good if you just want a summery of your usages Download.

DU Meter

DU meter traffic alert
Some cool graphs and a few options. This is also wort a try. You can set limit for a computer and it will send you an Email if the limit exceeds Download.

Internet usages tracking tools for MAC


surplus meter for MAC screenshot
Surplus Meter is a open source software available for Mac OS X 10.4.4 or later. It will track your upload and download traffic, you can get daily usages summery or average daily usages and more. Downlaod Look at the bottom of the page under Skooby Utilities section.

Internet usages tracking tools for Linux

KTrafficAnalyzer Linux Internet monitoring tool

KTrafficAnalyzer linux internet monitoring tool
This is a really good tool for Linux users. It will track your daily Internet usages and you can check it any time through out the month Download.

Eusage Command line Internet monitoring tool for Linux

Paul Davies has created a tool for Linux in Python which can help you monitor your data usages on Linux. This tool does the same job as above but in command line. So if you are comfortable with it then give it a try Download.

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