How to Get a Local USA Phone Number for Free

You have friends or clients or relatives living in USA and every-time they call you they have to pay an international call charge, right? So put an end to it, get a local USA phone number for yourself and pay nothing for making calls. Here I will describe how to get a Local USA phone number for absolutely free of cost.

Some services like Skype offers USA numbers but it comes with a very high rate of $18 for 3 months. So we need an alternate. To get and use your USA phone number you just need a computer with good Internet connection and a headphone off-course to make or receive calls.

Step 1: Go to and register for a free account. Callcentric will send you an email to verify your email id. Once you do that you can proceed further. Fill up the form that on the verification page and you will be automatically logged into your account.
CallCentric signup page
CallCentric signup page step 2

Step 2: After logging in to your Callcentric account for the first time a pop-up will come up on your screen to give you an overview of their service. Skip that pop-up and click on Go to My Callcentric. Now Look at the left side of your accounts page. You will find your User name, Callcentric#, Your IP and Balance (See the screenshot). Copy the Callcentric #: 17772847854.
CallCentric SIP id

Step 3: Now goto and register there.
Choose your account type: SIP
Choose Area Code for your IPKall Number: Let the default
SIP username: Callcentric SIP code
Hostname or IP address:
Email Address: your valid email ID
Password: whatever you want
# of Seconds to ring before hanging up: Default
Ipkall registration with SIP ID
Press submit and you are done!

ipkall will send you an email in seconds with your very won US phone number that can be used to make or receive phone calls from any where in the world.
Ipkall Local USA phone number for free

Have fun!!


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