Fix Nokia Symbian Certificate Error

Whenever you try to install softwares downloaded from the Internet on your Nokia Symbian mobile handset it shows you an error like – “Certificate error. Contact the application supplier.” or “Expired certificate.” and the installation ends. Well here I’ll teach you how you can bypass the certificate check on your Nokia and fix this issue permanently.

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  1. Read me first
  2. What we need
  3. Download
  4. Let's fix it

Read me first [Toc]

Please read and understand what you are going to do before you start.

  1. Certificate and keys are required to install a software to prevent software piracy. By applying this patch you are bypassing the authenticity check on your mobile and that can cause security risk on your mobile. Your mobile phone may get vulnerable to malicious softwares or viruses.
  2. Though the chances are very very very low but still I should inform you that you may damage your phone’s operating system so take a back up before you start.
  3. You have to install some third party softwares on your mobile and those softwares will use your phone’s core files.
  4. The fix works on almost every Symbian Belle, Anna or any S60 OS but still if it doesn’t works on your device then it must be your bad luck.

If you understand the risk included and still want to proceed then read further otherwise I request you to leave this page.

What we need [Toc]

That was enough to scare you, wasn’t? For those brave people who are still with me let’s continue. To achieve the desire result we need:

  1. A computer with USB ports or memory card reader if USB is not available.
  2. Your mobile handset with USB cable, if you don’t have the USB cable then you can take the memory card out from your phone and then connect the memory card to your PC. If your phone has only inbuilt memory and doesn’t supports the memory card then you must have the USB cable otherwise it won’t work.
  3. Some softwares, download links are given in the download section.

Download [Toc]

Download exactly what you need otherwise it won’t work.
Download the ROM drivers according to you need.
If you have memory card – Quarantine Drivers Memory card.
For Mass storage Quarantine Drivers Mass storage.

Downloads for all
Anti-virus software Drweb 6 Symbian S60 antivirus.
RomPatcherPlus 3.1 Lite Version

Download install-server according to your Mobile’s operating system.
Symbian – Anna, Belle.
Symbian S60v3 and S60v5
Symbian S60v3 FP1
Symbian S60v3 PreFP1

Let's fix it [Toc]

First make sure Windows explore is showing hidden files and folders. This is important. If Windows is not showing hidden files or folders then you can do this by clicking on Organize >> Folder and search options on Windows explorer menu bar.
Select the second View tab and choose Show hidden files, folders and drives.

Now, once you have downloaded all the necessary files

  1. Connect your mobile to your PC via USB and select Mass storage mode or remove the memory card and connect it to your computer.
  2. Unzip the driver you have downloaded earlier. It will give you a folder named 20024113. Just copy and paste this (no parents) folder as it is on your memory card or phone’s Private folder.
  3. Disconnect the phone or change the USB connection mode to OVI Suite to release the memory card. Otherwise you wont be able to use the memory card from the phone itself.
  4. Now install the anti-virus. The software given above is a demo version and is good enough to do what we need.
  5. Launch the program, it will ask for a key just tap cancel.
  6. Tap on Options >> Quarantine. There you will see 3 files.
  7. Tap on Options >> Select all.
  8. Tap on Options >> Restore. All 3 files should disappear now.
  9. Install and run RomPatcherPlus 3.1 Lite Version on your phone.
  10. Activate both Install Server RP+ and Open4All RP+ by taping on them.
  11. Attach the phone to your computer again and copy the install-server on E:/sys/bin. E is your memory card’s location.

Congratulations you have successfully patched your Nokia mobile and now you can install any software without having any certificate error issue. Sometimes you may need to run the ROMPatcher+ before installing any application or theme. Keep it tunning unless the installation completes.

If it is not working try this again with bit more concentration or let me know in the comment section.


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