Export and Download all Data stored on Google account

Google really believes that they are the best and that’s why they offer data liberation of most of their products. Complete data liberation is available of these Google products : Google +1s, Buzz, Contacts and Circles, Docs, Google+ Profile, Google+ Stream, Picasa Web Albums and Voice. With other products like Gmail, Gtalk, YouTube and other Google products we have partial data export options. Here you will learn how you can easily export your data stored on Google servers.

In September 2009 Google introduced DataLiberation.org as a part of their Data Liberation service. This service offers easy Export and Import of Google account data.

To export your Google+, Docs, Contacts, Picasa albums or Google Voice data go to Google Takeout. There you have the option to create archive and download all of your stored data at once or you can choose a single service data to export.
Export all data at once

Export all Google data at once
Export and download data seperately
Export and download Google docs data
Download archived data from Google
Download exported Google data

Now you have the freedom to move to any other service provider if you don’t like Google anymore. Thanks Google for this kind of commitments.

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