Connect to the Internet via Bluetooth on Nokia Symbian S60 mobiles

You are unhappy with your mobile Internet and want to use the high speed broadband Internet on your mobile that your computer usages. That is not a tough job at all if your handset has Wi-Fi but what if it doesn’t? Don’t worry here I’m going to show you how you can use high speed Internet on your Nokia mobile with out paying anything to your mobile service provider.

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  1. How it works
  2. What we need
  3. Possible ways to do this
  4. Using Hiisi Proxy to use Internet on phone via Bluetooth
    1. Download
    2. Setup the computer
      1. Setup Windows 7 bluetooth for Hiisi proxy
      2. Setup Hiisi proxy on Windows
    3. Setup the phone
      1. Create access point
      2. Install Hiisi Proxy
      3. Run Hiisi Proxy
  5. Conclusion

How it works [Toc]

I know most people out there doesn’t care about how the things work but still there are a few like me who dose and for those people: here we will create a personal server that will host the Internet connection on our PC. The host will accept incoming connections via Blutooth and will share the Internet over Bluetooth. In our mobile handset we will create a proxy/virtual network that will connect to our computer’s server via Bluetooth to get Internet access. That is enough I guess. If you want to know more there is Google.

What we need [Toc]

To achieve the result we have to install a few softwares on both of our devices i.e. computer and mobile handset. First we need Java run time environment or JRE in short for our PC. You may already have JRE installed on your PC. So check and download this from the official website. Other tools that we need are mentioned below.

Possible ways to do this [Toc]

I have found tow possible ways to get Internet access via Bluetooth on Nokia Symbian S60 mobiles so far. I prefer using Hissi Proxy because it is a free tool and you don’t have to pay anything to get the access. The other method is using GnuBox software on mobile and mRouter or AnalogX on PC. GnuBox is not a free software and it doesn’t works on S60 version 5 mobiles so it is not here.

Using Hiisi Proxy to use Internet on phone via Bluetooth [Toc]

Remember development and maintenance of this software is longer supported by the developers and you have to use it as it was in 2007. Before you start make sure you have JRE installed on your computer otherwise it won’t work. Download link for JRE is mentioned above. Now download this following files.

Download [Toc]

Hiisi 1.6.3 for PC
Hiisi 1.6.3 for Phone

Setup the computer [Toc]

You have Bluetooth drivers and devices installed on your PC right? If not you can’t continue.

Setup Windows 7 bluetooth for Hiisi proxy [Toc]

Right click on the Bluetooth icon on system tray and select Open Settings.
Open Windows 7 Bluetooth settings

Open Windows 7 Bluetooth settings

On the first tab (Options) check all the options. This is important otherwise your phone will not be able to find or connect to your PC.
Allow bluetooth incoming connections on Windows 7

Allow bluetooth incoming connections on Windows 7

On the second tab (COM Ports) check available incoming ports. If you don’t have any incoming ports then click Add and add an incoming serial port on your PC.
Incoming Bluetooth serial ports

Incoming Bluetooth serial ports

Note the Port numbers COM#, you will need this in a moment.
That is enough for Windows settings.

Setup Hiisi proxy on Windows [Toc]

Once you have completed above steps extract the file you just downloaded on your hard disk.
Go to the folder Hiisi 1.6.3 for PC>>Hiisi1.6.3>>Pihatonttu.
Now right click on Pihatonttu_localhost.cmd and select Edit.
Once it opens on your text editor you will see this line of code inside the file.

start javaw -Djava.library.path=. -cp .\lib\comm.jar;.\lib\jdic.jar;.\class Pihatonttu.PihatonttuMain COM5 localhost:8080

Change the COM5 with your PC’s incoming port number and save the file.
Do the same for Pihatonttu.cmd and save this one too.
Double click on any of the files and it will start a server on your computer. You will see a window like this one.

Hiisi Proxy running on Windows 7

Hiisi Proxy running on Windows 7

Your computer is now ready to share internet connection over Bluetooth. Now you have to set up the phone to access it.

Setup the phone [Toc]

Setting up the phone is easy too. Just follow the instructions carefully and enjoy.
Open up Menu>>Settings>>Connectivity>>Destinations>>Internet on your Nokia handset.
You will see available Internet connections here. We have to create our own connection to use the Internet via Bluetooth.

Create access point [Toc]

Tap on Options>>New access point. A popup will ask for whether to automatically search for available access points or not. Tap on anything it has nothing to do. Next it will show only one available access point i.e. Packet data. Select it and name it anything you want here I’m using BT for name.
Next screen will be something like this.
Create new access point on Nokia Symbian S60

Create new access point on Nokia Symbian S60

Here you have to find out a little bit of information. You must enter a valid Access point name (APN) to make things work. A valid APN is what your service provider gives you. Check the default Internet connection (if available) APN or call customer care and ask for it.
Once you have done this tap on Options>>Advance settings. Change the values with the values shown in the image below.
Advance access point settings for Hiisi proxy

Advance access point settings for Hiisi proxy

If you have multiple access points then select the newly created Access point and tap on Back twice. Tap Options>>Organise>>Change priority. Tap on the first available access point and tap OK. This will make this access point the default for Internet connections.

Install Hiisi Proxy [Toc]

Now extract on your PC and copy past the Hiisi1.6.3 app folder on your phone. Install the software on your phone using Hiisi.jar file.

Run Hiisi Proxy [Toc]

Once the installation is complete run the software. It will ask for permission select Allow for this season and then select Bluetooth Mode. It will ask your permission to switch on Bluetooth if it is not.
Next screen will show Inquiring bluetooth devices. Wait until it finds your computer. Mean while make sure the Hiissi Proxy server is running on your PC other wise your phone will not be able to connect or find your PC.
If it can find your computer next screen will be like this.
Connect to the computer using Hiisi proxy

Connect to the computer using Hiisi proxy

The first option (server – …) is your PC. Tap on it. It will search for Serial Port Profile service. Next it will list available serial ports on the top. Select any of them and you will see Hiisi Proxy [Bluetooth Mode] is idling…. That is it. You are done.
Now open your phone’s browser select BT Access point when prompted and start browsing. Enjoy high speed Internet on your phone without paying anything to the service provider.

Conclusion [Toc]

Hiisi proxy is an old software but still works with Symbian S60. Please do not try to be over-smart or over confident and check for your balance after you connect for the first time. If you see any balance deduction then you must have missed something. Do it again carefully. I have used this methods on my S60v5 handset and that worked. So good luck and happy browsing.


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