7 Latest Bluetooth Headsets to check before you buy one

Ready to buy a Bluetooth headset? check this list before you make any decision. The list contains Nokia Luna latest release from Nokia, Jaybird Wireless Bluetooth Buds, Logitech Wireless Headset, Jabra Supreme Bluetooth Headset, NuForce BT-860 Stereo Bluetooth Headset, Jabra SPORT stereo headphones and The Jabra EASYCALL Bluetooth headset.

  1. Nokia Luna Bluetooth headset

    nokia luna headset for your mobileLatest released wireless bluetooth headset from the mobile manufacturing giant Nokia. As the company claims proper use of this 5 grams headset will give you up to eight hours talktime or sixty days standby time. This device will cost around $95.

  2. Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth earbuds or JF3

    Jaybird Wireless Bluetooth BudsThis is a great device on the move. The headset is designed for sports and it fits very securely on your ears. The Freedom features a clean, natural looking design and wearing style, 6 hours music and play time, a premium hard shell magnet sealed carry case, 3 sizes of ear tips, and 3 sizes of secure fit ear cushions for sports. This device will cost you about $99.

  3. Logitech Wireless Headset

    Logitech Wireless HeadsetIts a normal bluetooth headset with good sound quality and very smartly designed for less space. More is that it has very good noise-cancelling microphone that reduces background noise and can detect a whisper. The battery is not bad with 6 hrs of talktime and little charging time. The product costs $69.99.

  4. Jabra Supreme Bluetooth Headset

    Jabra Supreme Bluetooth HeadsetExperience your own space filled only with your sound. Jabra SUPREME is the first Bluetooth® mono headset to allow you to enjoy exceptional Active Noise Cancellation technology. This feature actively reduces background noise, enhancing your listening experience during a call when using the headset. Jabra SUPREME features the latest audio enhancement technology, delivering powerful sound through its 24mm speaker. With HD Voice the sound come through clearly and naturally. Wind Noise reduction technology makes calling in windy weather conditions smooth and hassle-free. These brilliant sound features enrich every conversation.

  5. NuForce BT-860 Stereo Bluetooth Headset

    NuForce BT-860 Stereo Bluetooth HeadsetThis is really a great device at very low price. If you sept a lot of time on traveling then this could be your true friend. Enjoy great CD quality sound @ 16-bit 44.1kHz as well as good battery life of 9 hours of hands-free headset operation, an 8 hour music time, and a standby time of 240 hours. All this for just $79.

  6. Jabra SPORT stereo headphones

    Jabra SPORT stereo headphones comes with Endomondo Sports Tracker appAnother good product from Jabra. This headset with AM3D Power Bass audio enhancement give great sound quality and built for noisy active crowd. Jabra SPORT is dust and shock resistant certified and comes with a free download of the Endomondo Sports Tracker, a fitness tracking application for smartphones that works as a motivational tool for running, giving updates on speed, distance, and lap time. The product costs $99.

  7. The Jabra EASYCALL Bluetooth headset

    Jabra EASYCALL Bluetooth headsetThis is for those people who is going to use it for phone calls only. Crystal clear sound with voice DSP technology, and the multi-use facility(connecting to 2 devices simultaneously) is just more than enough. As the company claims 6 hours of talk time and up to 8 days standby time is great for only $32.

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