Make Excel Worksheets Very Hidden so that they canít be Unhidden

We can Hide or Unhide Excel Worksheets by just right clicking on the sheet names. But imagine if you want to hide any special sheet like: where you have stored your formulas, lists, variables, sensitive data etc. and don’t want any user to see or work with the sheet. We can do this from the Visual Basic Editor available in Microsoft Excel.

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Open the Visual Basic Editor by pressing Alt + F11 key on your key board.
Look at the left side, and select the sheet you want to hide from the VBA project explorer. If the project explorer is not open the open it from the View menu.
Now open up the properties window from view menu and set the selected sheet’s property to xlSheetVeryHidden.
Go back to the workbook and try to unhide the hidden sheet, you wont be able to unhide the sheet from there.
To unhide the very hidden sheet you have change its property from xlSheetVeryHidden to xlSheetVisible from VBA editor.
set to excel sheet very hidden


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