Ratan ka Rishta Swayamvar Season 3 on NDTV Imagine

Ratan Rajput’s Swayamvar started on NDTV Imagine. As posted on indianexpress the show started with 54,863 applicants from India and some other countries who wants to marry(really ??) Ratan. This may be just promotional statistics or people who want to came in to fame at any cost. The promo of show started on January 2011 and the release was postponed because of IPL. As the channel demands…

Entries are also coming in from UK, followed by countries like Italy, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Canada, US and Pakistan.
Young men from different walks of life have applied with professions ranging from Doctors, to engineers, professors, lawyers, businessmen, chefs, bankers, managers and software analysts.

But what is surprising is the comment that this shows first episode is getting in Youtube. The video of the show is uploaded by NDTV and it is getting too much negative comments. I’m highlighting some of them:

  • another crap? from? ndtv!
  • Wow what a lie???? Software engineer, the guy in 18:18 min is TV junior artist. I have seen in many daily soaps such as Pratigya as Angadwa’s friend and in Balika vadhu? as Jagya’s friend.
  • oye Harvinde we know u only want fame and fortune that? comes with Ratan.
    Kind? of irritating to read my comments, hain na? hahahahhaa
  • Past two versions of Swaymvar was bit successful for production house but they were not loved by the audiences at all. Just controversies bought some profit to the producer. Let’s see how this show goes in future. NDTV’s previous shows like Rakhi ka Insaf, Desi Girl and latest Zor ka Zhatka made almost no effect on audience. Zor ka Zhatka hosted by Sharukh Khan was a terrible flop, and it was possibly the biggest flop show in Indian TV.

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