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80 te asio na

was a comedy film released by Rudrani Flims in 1967. The flim was directed by Sree Jayadratha, music composed by Gopen Mallick.


Asit Baran
Bhanu Bandyopadhyay
Jahar Roy
Robi Ghosh
Tarun Kumar
Kamal Mitra
Ruma Guha Thakurta

The story line

Sadananda was a poor old man of 80 years. He was neglected by his family – except his servant Madan. His wife was helpless & she had to obey her son’s orders. One day Sada’s friend told him that – scientists are researching how to get back the youth again. One day Sada went outside Bengal for a change. There he was riding a horse. Suddenly he fell down from the horse in a pond & miraculously he became young. Everybody was stunned! Sada returned home to bring his wife there for a bath. In the meantime the police & administration barricated the pond. But Madan with a throwing machine (Nickname Gulti), he threw his master’s wife in the pond. She became young , but she was arrested by Police. Sada rescued her through a comical sequence. When they were coming back, police chased them. A comical fight sequence happens in the pond. Ultimately he was arrested. Sada wakes up from his dream & realises that he is still an old fellow.

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