Download full movie Abhijan 1962 by Satyajit Roy

Another bengali classic movie directed by Satyajit Ray Abhijan is based on the story originally written by Tarashankar Bandopadhyay was made in 1962. The film was produced by Abhijatrik. Script written by Satyajit Roy. Leading actors Soumitra Chatterjee as Narsingh a Taxi Driver, Waheeda Rehman as Gulabi a widow in a village.
Ruma Guha Thakurta
Gnyanesh Mukherjee
Charuprakash Ghosh
Rabi Ghosh
Arun Roy
Soumitra Chatterjee plays Narsingh, a taxi driver. Narsingh is a proud and hot-tempered Rajput with a passion for his car, a vintage 1930 Chrysler and his Rajput heritage. Being a descendent of the royal family of rajput his self esteem is reflected through his inability of accepting insult and defeat, as a result he even takes part into small race with his car. He does not want to be the one who falls behind and develops a strong hatred of women and mankind in general. More on

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