Tikona speed within 1 to 4 Mbps & price between 500 to 900 Rupees broadband plans

  • Price
  • Actual Price/Month
  • Data Volume
  • Plan Validity
  • Bandwidth Speed
  • Limit
Plan Name Type Payment Price Duration Free Data
Tikona ADBBM649 4G OFDM Postpaid Rs.649 1 month Unlimited
Tikona ADBBM749 4G OFDM Postpaid Rs.749 1 month Unlimited
Tikona ADULM1024 4G OFDM Postpaid Rs.799 1 month Unlimited
Tikona ADULQ1024 4G OFDM Postpaid Rs.2399 3 months Unlimited
Tikona ADBF2048K 4G OFDM Prepaid Rs.3300 180 days 30GB
Tikona ADBF1024K 4G OFDM Prepaid Rs.3300 180 days 40GB
Tikona Unifi3999 4G OFDM Prepaid Rs.3999 180 days 40GB
Tikona ADULH1024 4G OFDM Postpaid Rs.4799 6 months Unlimited
Tikona Unifi4999 4G OFDM Prepaid Rs.4999 180 days 60GB
Tikona ADULA1024 4G OFDM Postpaid Rs.8799 12 months Unlimited