Speed within 3 to 8 Mbps & price between 50 to 300 Rupees broadband plans

  • Price
  • Actual Price/Month
  • Data Volume
  • Plan Validity
  • Bandwidth Speed
  • Limit
Plan Name Type Payment Price Duration Free Data
Airtel 3G Prepaid Rs 9 3G Prepaid Rs.9 1 day N/A
Vodafone 3G Prepaid Rs 42 3G Prepaid Rs.42 7 days 150MB
Airtel 3G Prepaid Rs 45 3G Prepaid Rs.45 7 days 150MB
MTS Combo MBlazer Lite night EVDO Postpaid Rs.99 1 month 3GB
Airtel 3G Postpaid Rs 100 3G Postpaid Rs.100 1 month 300MB
Airtel 3G Prepaid Rs 103 3G Prepaid Rs.103 30 days 300MB
Reliance Net+ PreP 180 EVDO Prepaid Rs.180 30 days 250MB
MTS MBlaze 198 EVDO Prepaid Rs.198 30 days 200MB
MTS Combo MBlazer Delight Weekend EVDO Postpaid Rs.199 1 month 10GB
MTS Combo MBlazer Heavy night EVDO Postpaid Rs.199 1 month 10GB
MTS Mblaze ZERO Rental EVDO Postpaid Rs.200 1 month 800MB
MTS MBlaze 248 EVDO Prepaid Rs.248 30 days 1GB
Reliance Net+ PreP 250 EVDO Prepaid Rs.250 30 days 350MB
Reliance Net+ PostP 250 EVDO Postpaid Rs.250 1 month 1000MB
Airtel 3G Prepaid Rs 250 3G Prepaid Rs.250 30 days 1GB
Airtel 3G Postpaid Rs 250 3G Postpaid Rs.250 1 month 1GB
Reliance Net+ PreP 255 EVDO Prepaid Rs.255 30 days 1GB
MTS Mblazer 294 EVDO Prepaid Rs.294 30 days 6GB
Reliance NCC PLUS 5GB 3M ADV EVDO Postpaid Rs.750 3 months Unlimited
BSNL WIV PP 1800 WiMax Prepaid Rs.1800 180 days 6GB
BSNL WIV PP 3000 WiMax Prepaid Rs.3000 360 days 12GB