Prepaid Limited data speed within 2 to 7 Mbps & price between 200 to 600 Rupees broadband plans

  • Price
  • Actual Price/Month
  • Data Volume
  • Plan Validity
  • Bandwidth Speed
  • Limit
Plan Name Type Payment Price Duration Free Data
BSNL BBV RL 200 Landline Prepaid Rs.200 30 days 0.7GB
MTS MBlaze 248 EVDO Prepaid Rs.248 30 days 1GB
BSNL EVDO PreP 250 EVDO Prepaid Rs.250 30 days 1GB
Reliance Net+ PreP 250 EVDO Prepaid Rs.250 30 days 350MB
BSNL BBV RL 250 Landline Prepaid Rs.250 15 days 1.5GB
Reliance Net+ PreP 255 EVDO Prepaid Rs.255 30 days 1GB
Reliance Net+ PreP 350 EVDO Prepaid Rs.350 30 days 1536MB
Reliance Net+ PreP 449 EVDO Prepaid Rs.449 30 days 2GB
BSNL BBV RL 450 Landline Prepaid Rs.450 30 days 3GB
MTS MBlaze 490 EVDO Prepaid Rs.490 30 days 3GB
BSNL EVDO PreP 500 EVDO Prepaid Rs.500 30 days 2560MB
BSNL BBV RL 600 Landline Prepaid Rs.600 30 days 5GB
MTS MBlaze 698 EVDO Prepaid Rs.698 60 days 4GB
MTS MBlaze 998 EVDO Prepaid Rs.998 90 days 6GB
You Broadband 2Mbps 7 GB 3M ADSL Prepaid Rs.1320 90 days 7GB
MTS MBlaze 1499 EVDO Prepaid Rs.1499 90 days 15GB
Reliance Net+ PreP 1500 EVDO Prepaid Rs.1500 90 days 12GB
You Broadband NEW DISCOVER 3M ADSL Prepaid Rs.1516 90 days 18GB
BSNL BBV RL 1750 Landline Prepaid Rs.1750 90 days 16GB
BSNL BBV RL 1800 Landline Prepaid Rs.1800 180 days 7GB
BSNL WIV PP 1800 WiMax Prepaid Rs.1800 180 days 6GB
You Broadband 2Mbps 8 GB 6M ADSL Prepaid Rs.2288 180 days 8GB
You Broadband 2Mbps 14 GB 6M ADSL Prepaid Rs.2591 180 days 14GB
You Broadband 2Mbps 6 GB 12M ADSL Prepaid Rs.2915 360 days 6GB
BSNL BBV RL 3000 Landline Prepaid Rs.3000 360 days 13GB
BSNL WIV PP 3000 WiMax Prepaid Rs.3000 360 days 12GB
Reliance Net+ PreP 3000 EVDO Prepaid Rs.3000 180 days 24GB
You Broadband NEW DISCOVER 6M ADSL Prepaid Rs.3029 180 days 40GB
Tikona ADBF2048K 4G OFDM Prepaid Rs.3300 180 days 30GB
You Broadband 2Mbps 18 GB 12M ADSL Prepaid Rs.3740 360 days 18GB
You Broadband NEW DISCOVER 12M ADSL Prepaid Rs.6057 360 days 90GB