Spectranet Wired Line Prepaid Unlimited data at 4Mbps for Rs. 17990

Item Details
Item Details
Plan Name Express Duo 2 Mbps/4 Mbps 365 days
Availability Mumbai
Company Spectranet
Connection Type ADSL
Payment Mode Prepaid
Plan Type Dual Speed
Price 17990
Duration 365 Days
Actual price per Month 1479
Minimum guaranteed Speed 256 Kbps
Maximum Speed up to 4 Mbps
Free Data Usages Unlimited
High Speed Data Volume N/A
Usages Time
Main Balance
Happy Hours No
Additional Usages price N/A
Static IP
Free Calls 0
Security Deposite
Minimum hire period
Grace Period 0
Notes Speed upto 2 Mbps in day (6 am to 9 pm), 4 Mbps at night (9 pm to 6 am)
Yearly Price
Yearly Discount