Broadband Internet services in Gollaprolu

Broadband internet connectivity in Gollaprolu is not so good. Only mobile broadband is available here. There are not many options for the users as there are only a few companies offering broadband internet in Gollaprolu. There are 3 companies offering 2 types of internet services here. 2 companies are providing 3G services in Gollaprolu. Landline internet services in Gollaprolu are provided by BSNL.

3G Internet in Gollaprolu

Gollaprolu is 1 out of 9 places in East Godavari District where 3G internet facility is available. Pithapuram is the nearest place in the same district where 3G connectivity is available. There are about 9 places within 50 KM range where 3G internet is available. Companies providing 3G internet in Gollaprolu are - Vodafone & Idea.

Landline Internet in Gollaprolu

Gollaprolu is the only place in East Godavari District where Landline internet facility is available. There are no places with in 50 KM range of Gollaprolu where Landline connectivity is available. Landline internet in Gollaprolu is provided by BSNL.

Cheapest broadband plans in Gollaprolu

Idea 3G is offering the lowest price for 1 GB high speed (above 2Mbps) internet data per month in Gollaprolu. Lowest price for 1 GB data per month is Rs 250. This plan is available for Prepaid customers. For Postpaid usres price for 5 GB+ high speed internet data per month would be about Rs 843. Idea 3G is offering this plan.

Broadband price list

TypeDataPayment ModePrice/MonthCompanyDetails
3G 1 GB Prepaid Rs. 250/- Idea Plan Details
5 GB+ Postpaid Rs. 843/- Idea Plan Details
Landline 1 GB Prepaid Rs. 250/- BSNL Plan Details
2 GB Postpaid Rs. 674/- BSNL Plan Details
5 GB Prepaid Rs. 583/- BSNL Plan Details
10 GB+ Postpaid Rs. 1248/- BSNL Plan Details

Companies providing internet in Gollaprolu

Service Company Plans
3G Idea See Plans
Vodafone See Plans
Landline BSNL See Plans